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A haunting death


03 Jan, 2014 12:03 AM

I never would have guessed that my best friend, the happiest and nicest looking guy i had ever met, was actually depressed and suicidal. When he would talk to me he would brighten my day and make me feel special and loved, something that no one else has ever been able to do. He helped me forget any problem I had. He even helped me with the worse break up of my life, where my ex mentally bullied and tormented me for months because I broke up with him, after he cheated on me with my best friend and turned all my friends against me after our previous breakups which always came from him because I wasn't following his every move like he wanted me to. My best friend didn't live in the same country as I did but since his father was from here, he came to visit every... [Read More]

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Sex & Drugs


04 Jun, 2013 05:49 PM

Silently, I walked in the pouring rain, towards that old abandoned bus station, running away from Daddy again. He was drunk again, and the sting from the smack across my face began to burn with every rain drop that spilled on it. My jaw ached and I could feel my sweater rubbing against my back, against the open wounds from Daddy's belt. He loved adding to the scars. He always had a fascination with making me cry. Then he'd spit on me, and laugh at me. "Crying is for the weak, stupid little bitch! Cry a river if you want. No one cares!" "Daddy, I'm sorry.. I love you.. Please, stop.." I would beg and plead for hours sometimes. That only edged him on more. I sat on the only bench that wasn't drenched in water and buried my head in my hands. I could still feel the burn from... [Read More]

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Start of all Problems

Jerry m

15 Jan, 2013 06:24 PM

It started towards the end of my 5th grade year. My dad worked for the mortuary and was never home. He could be called to work at any moment and I didn't see him much but I was so close to him. He was the best father. He took me places. He has taken me to Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska,and Kansas. He took us to dinner and we would sit and play Xbox all day together. I miss him so much. One night I saw my dad packing up some stuff. I went to his room and asked, " where are you going dad?" He looked at me and replied," I am going to the hospital," at the time me and him weren't exactly getting along. We had been fighting for days because I was bullied in school and hit the kid bullying me. He deserved it but he didn't think... [Read More]

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The Oblivious


09 Jan, 2013 06:37 AM

I suppose in my life, I've been pretty lucky. I live in a house, I have dogs and friends and I go to school. Yet, as many people do, I looked for more. I yearned for danger and not the infinity of routine. A boy met me, and I met him. The next 5 years were hectic because we were oblivious to the fact that we were not a compatible couple, or even friends really. We were destructive and abusive in so many ways. We were never even officially a couple, we were people who loved each other but couldn't stand commitment. He fell in love with another woman, I fell in love with another man. We drifted after awhile, though I should have seen love cannot drift so easily, but I was naive. Even though we saw other people, we still loved each other. By coincidence we saw each... [Read More]

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Broken hearts and Stitches.


28 Nov, 2012 05:20 PM

Hello, this is my story. While growing up my mom was never around she was always working, I had no idea who my father was. He and my mom separated before I was born. I grew up with my 2 brothers, being bullied all the time my them. They always gave me demands and if I chose not to listen they'd hit me. This continued on for quite a while. I was always that girl who was by herself all the time. I used to watch all the other girls play with their friends and I thought to myself "why don't people like me?" A second grader should not be thinking about those kind of things. My mom always told me the most hateful things, things I can never forget. I used to sit there and cry for hours cause I was so miserable and my mom would tell me... [Read More]

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18 Nov, 2012 04:43 AM

I met her exactly 2 and a half years ago. I was going through a rough time. I was addicted to drugs and on top of that I was drinking heavily. I met this girl, we talked once in a while. I didn't pay much attention to her till we talked a lot more often. Something made me smile, she never judged me in any way. I remember her and I just started to talk about each others problems in everyday life. She seemed to care for me when I vented to her. I started to smile whenever I caught myself thinking about her. We started sending texts to each other more often. Although on my own time I was having more problems happening around me due to my addictions. I couldn't handle it anymore. During the time she moved to her dads which was down in the states. (I... [Read More]

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Shawn Easton

23 Aug, 2012 03:31 AM

It all started during freshmen year in high school. There was this girl I've had my eyes on for a while, but since I'm not really popular nor an attractive person I always doubted that I would ever be with her. Soon comes the time where I have a few classes with her. In the beginning I still doubted that we'd ever even be friends but when we did start to talk a little I got a vibe from her that it seemed like she liked me. When I found out that she enjoyed talking to me I was always excited to go to the classes I had with her just to even talk to her. After a bit of time had passes we started texting a lot and I mean a lot, we had many conversations about our lives and everything. At this time we were just good friends... [Read More]

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High School Hell


18 Feb, 2012 02:18 PM

I don't really know where to start, or how. Perhaps it could all go back to my childhood. Don't get me wrong, my parents were good parents. It's just never once in my life have they said "I love you". I've never been hugged by them nor given any attention. This may be due to the fact of having a large family. However, ever since birth I have felt alone. And that scares me. In elementary school, I had no friends. This was due to my horrible speech problems. People made fun of me for the way I talked, so I didn't talk. This went on for years. Years of never having a friend to walk with. Or even a single person to talk to. Then came middle school. I wasn't bullied, I was tormented. My speech impediment was no longer there, so I'm still not sure why. But they... [Read More]

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Behind Blue Eyes..


14 Feb, 2012 11:22 AM

It was night time on the lake in Michigan, on the fourth of July, where the girl stood crying in the sand as she watched the beautiful fireworks sparking up all around her. Although she wasn't quite sure why, she was sad. Homesick, maybe. She had been in Michigan for about a week now and tomorrow she would have her eleventh birthday away from her South Carolina home. She loved being with her friends in Michigan, but she missed her own family. Leah dried up her cries, and went to sleep that night, only to awaken to the news that her uncle had died. It was her eleventh birthday, and here she was, in Michigan, finding out that her Uncle Scott back in South Carolina had drowned the night before. She broke. She hated everything, everyone. Her parents sent her to live with family friends because they couldn't fix her.... [Read More]

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how do i kill it?


08 Aug, 2011 12:28 AM

I'm 14 years old. Live with a family of four. Mom, dad and my brother. Sure we fight like normal families do, but we are totally normal. A loving family, could not ask for more. In school I'm popular, tons of friends, OK grades. Girls come pretty easy, but I'm only interested in one. But back to her later. Two years ago I was going into 7th grade. Which means I would be turning 13. I cant tell you much more about those days because honestly I cant remember them for the life of me..the life of that's changed....Anyways, that summer I lost a very close friend. I used to live next to her when I lived in California, some years ago. I was txting her and about 2 hours after we stopped talking I got a call from her brother Brandon. He told me something I couldn't register.... [Read More]

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