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sarah j clawson

18 May, 2017 05:53 AM

MEGAN'S STORY Megan Meier His name was Josh Evans. He was 16 years old. And he was hot. "Mom! Mom! Mom! Look at him!" Tina Meier recalls her daughter saying. Josh had contacted Megan Meier through her MySpace page and wanted to be added as a friend. Yes, he's cute, Tina Meier told her daughter. "Do you know who he is?" "No, but look at him! He's hot! Please, please, can I add him?" Mom said yes. And for six weeks Megan and Josh - under Tina's watchful eye - became acquainted in the virtual world of MySpace. Josh said he was born in Florida and recently had moved to O'Fallon. He was homeschooled. He played the guitar and drums. He was from a broken home: "when i was 7 my dad left me and my mom and my older brother and my newborn brother 3 boys god i know... [Read More]

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Do YOU Know The Truth?


26 May, 2015 06:09 PM

I have a story. But I don't want to write it as it opens a closed chapter of my life. it lasted for a very long time and is still on going. Therefore i have decided to write a true story about many people that has been bullied. I want people to understand what we/you have been through. A shrink does not know how we feel. A mental hospital does not know how we feel. Medication does not know how we feel. they say "It takes one to know one" that is what I believe is the mental hospital, the skrink, the medication we stuff down every day. I want the world to know how it is. I want them to actually cry over something they don't understand. I want them to cry over someone they don't know. I want them to cry because we are strong. Because we lived... [Read More]

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It's going to be ok.


24 Jan, 2015 01:15 AM

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who wanted to become a singer. She was a chubby little thing, small, not exactly that bright. she got bullied a lot. No one stood up for her. They thought she deserved it. That this ugly little chubby girl was nothing special. The girl became an anorexic. Still, they thought she was ugly. that was reason enough. They didn't know that when she got home, her mother was always drunk, or that her dad was cheating on her mom every chance he got spending his money on some cheap whore. The girl became skinny. Then, she got a text message, from a friend saying, that he liked her, that he was just too scared to say it before. He said to meet him by the school, on a Saturday. She believed in him. She thought she would finally have someone that... [Read More]

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02 Jan, 2014 09:37 PM

Well, today I am going to tell you my story on how i am bullied. In Kindergarden through 3rd grade, I was always the most happiest kid ever! I was always nice to people, (which I still am now) and I always cared about people (which I still do)... But when 4th grade happened, that all changed.... In 4th grade I was still smiling. Until I met a boy, he was really cute! He always was the "Bad Boy" of the class, I don't really like bad boys but he changed all of that. I was always on cloud nine when I met him. One day I told my best friend about the boy and that I had a crush on him. I told her not to tell anybody. She promised she wouldn't. Well instead of telling nobody, she told all of the school! I was already in a relationship... [Read More]

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Fairy Tale

15 Oct, 2013 05:16 AM

This is a true story of mine. It happened few years ago but now i'm fine. I just wanted to share it to you. I had those worse memories that i would never forget in my whole life. It was so hurt for me and left a deep scar inside my heart. Sometimes i wonder if it will be happen again. I was 3 when i started my first school time. I don't know why but i was so scared of being with strangers. I couldn't be friends with anyone because i was too scared of them. When the class about to start, I always cried and asked my mom to stay with me and don't leave me with those kids. I have no friends at all. They hated me for being silly and scared. When I was 4 in the kindergarten I always sat alone. Every kids was playing... [Read More]

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The broken bond.


21 May, 2013 01:19 AM

Singing and acting has clichés, some accept and hail you for talent, others see you as the spawn of Beelzebub himself. My (former) Father was the later. He believed that I was in a homosexual relationship with my best friend, thought I sold my soul to the devil, called me "fat ass," or "faggot" and even saying things as horid as " If you don't lose your virginity by the time you're 15, I'm buying you a call girl." Because of the verbal abuse I was receiving, I saw a therapist, upon discovering this, my father disowned me. It hurts when you are so disgusting, even your own father considers you unfit to be his son. His last words he ever said to me were, "Son, its a fucking disgrace my name is attached to you." The look of hatred in his eyes was just like the one of the... [Read More]

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My lonely life


23 Mar, 2013 04:03 AM

I would always think to myself, is it all worth it? Is it even worth trying anymore? Sometimes I just feeling running away... Far off to the distance... Where I can be alone. Every night I cry myself to sleep. I wake up with sadness written on my eyes. I go to school, get bullied, then go back home. I never had friends. I never fitted in. People just knew me as the 'lonely kid' I was perfectly fine with that name, because it was the truth. My mother died when I was born. My dad tried his best to raise me, but he just kept drinking and smoking, and gambling. Every time I go home, I see my father laying on the floor. I would always just run to my room crying. Why did God give me this life? Why do I need to suffer? I have no one... [Read More]

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The Friend Whom You Trusted


23 Feb, 2013 03:51 AM

It all started on Tuesday, February 19. I was going home on the trolley with my friend, Linh. We were talking about anything we could think of. But then, we got on the topic of her best friend. She told me that her best friend was the only person she truly trusted. He was everything to Linh. He was always there for Linh and he was the one who would do anything for her. But something collapsed in Linh's eyes. "He wants to suicide." Those words struck me and tears came into my eyes. "Why?" I asked as I stared at Linh, worried what she would say. "He's being cyber bullied...because he is gay." Linh said looking down at her phone. I stared at Linh and got angry. I don't see why people are so judgmental. Why cant they just accept people as they are? Why cant they shut up... [Read More]

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The Outcast's Story

Lydia Jo

17 Dec, 2012 09:37 PM

High School, they say it is the best times of your life. They say you make friends and you find your own little place, and you walk on the path to the rest of your life. High School, they said it was such a glorious place. It looks so great on the television. They glamorize it and ignore those who are hurting. They ignore the outcasts. High School is great if you know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Too bad that's not me. I'm the type of girl who hates it here. I look different, I listen to non-mainstream music. I get weird looks, and people whisper. To them I look like a psycho who lost it. But the sad reality, I'm just like those judgmental people. I keep to myself now-a-days. I try to think of the happier days, the days when I... [Read More]

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Broken hearts and Stitches.


28 Nov, 2012 05:20 PM

Hello, this is my story. While growing up my mom was never around she was always working, I had no idea who my father was. He and my mom separated before I was born. I grew up with my 2 brothers, being bullied all the time my them. They always gave me demands and if I chose not to listen they'd hit me. This continued on for quite a while. I was always that girl who was by herself all the time. I used to watch all the other girls play with their friends and I thought to myself "why don't people like me?" A second grader should not be thinking about those kind of things. My mom always told me the most hateful things, things I can never forget. I used to sit there and cry for hours cause I was so miserable and my mom would tell me... [Read More]

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