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The broken bond.


21 May, 2013 01:19 AM

Singing and acting has clichés, some accept and hail you for talent, others see you as the spawn of Beelzebub himself. My (former) Father was the later. He believed that I was in a homosexual relationship with my best friend, thought I sold my soul to the devil, called me "fat ass," or "faggot" and even saying things as horid as " If you don't lose your virginity by the time you're 15, I'm buying you a call girl." Because of the verbal abuse I was receiving, I saw a therapist, upon discovering this, my father disowned me.

It hurts when you are so disgusting, even your own father considers you unfit to be his son. His last words he ever said to me were, "Son, its a fucking disgrace my name is attached to you." The look of hatred in his eyes was just like the one of the demon who visits me every night in my nightmares. This experience began my love affair addiction to depression and self harm, the only things that have harder relapses than that of any substance. Every day I look into the mirror and I see not only his face, but also that of the bullies. I lost 37 lbs, and am currently seven pounds under weight but they still call me fat. Those who now think I'm skinny, say I sold my soul to Satan to achieve it. My old best friend called me the anti Christ, and told my mother I was having "occultist rituals," that included bestiality.

Mind you I am born again Christian. who attends a scripted church, and I have yet to burst into flames. The other day, I got a love letter so I shall call it on my locker, saying, "To hell with you, Irish bastard" (mocking me getting disowned and my pure Irish blood). This world is hell. everyday it gets darker, and more twisted. I'm a vegetarian pacifistic Christian. But since I lost a rapid amount of weight very quickly, and sing alternative rock, I very clearly worship Satan, bravo to that logic. And as for you, those who twist the world, manipulate scrutinize, belittle, torture, shackle, murder, and even spread lies about those who are too nice to retaliate, I swear to god, you will feel ramifications. Whether now, or later, you will feel the pain of the broken, and say, I did this, and knowing that, would be worse than ten thousand deaths.

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