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A Sad Sad Life


15 Jun, 2011 08:36 AM

Wake up!! Right now!! You're going to miss your bus, and I will not drive you! And you cannot miss any more days of school. Ally's mother yelled to her. Ally's mother Bridget Marie Parker is five foot eight inches, she has long blonde hair, and for an older lady it's nice and thick and luscious. She's very petite; she likes to act like she's a teenager she doesn't really want to take any responsibility. Here lately she has not been as nice as she usually is, but she has been going through a rough time. She has a very unique personality, she likes to be very random, very sarcastic not the rude sarcastic but the funny kind, she likes the corny cheesy jokes; she likes to act like a ditsy blonde.

Ally Jade Parker is like her mother in many ways, but then again she is completely different in other ways. Ally is beautiful like her mother; she has long blonde hair, blue eyes, very skinny, and around five foot 5 inches. She is a senior at Briar Wood High School, captain of the cheer-leading team, everyone loves her. She is not the rude preppy stereo type cheer leader, she does not stay in one clique she has friends all over the school in every clique. Ally is a very religious she attends The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints every Sunday and Wednesday. Even though she is religious she still has a wild side, she likes to go to parties and she likes to tease the boys, but even though she does that everyone knows where she stands and how she will not go any further then that. Ally?s father after two years of cheating on her mother finally came up and said he?s ready for a divorce and let her know everything that he has done. They waited a couple of weeks before letting Ally know and when they did, they both thought she would lose her cool and break down and cry. But she didn't, well at least not in front of them she let both of them know how she felt about it but that was all she didn't cry or lose her cool. She held herself together better than her mom did.

Ally jumps out of bed and first thing she does is turn her heater on, she really hates the cold it?s the middle of December and Christmas break is coming soon. She looks at the clock and see?s that she only has ten minutes till the bus. She rushes to her dresser and finds two tank tops a lime green and purple one and dark skinny jeans and lime green high heels, she walks down stairs to say good bye to Bridget but she already left, she grabs a biscuit and leaves. She runs out the door just in time for the bus, he usually just leaves she was surprised he stopped. Ever since the first day of freshman year he has always disliked her because she threw a water bottle at his head, he told her to sit down and be quiet and she didn't like that.

Morning. The bus driver Anthony mumbles to her. Well! Good morning to you, too, sunshine what a beautiful day it is, don?t you think?? Ally snaps back as she walks to the back. She makes her way all the way to the back since she is the only senior on the bus she gets any seat of her choosing. It?s not that she don?t want her licenses it?s that her mother don?t like the idea of her only daughter driving, she don?t want to accept she growing up. Ally thinks it?s so funny when she walks to her seat how all the guy?s turn and stare. She has no interest in any of them, and why should she? When she has not only the quarter back but the hottest guy in school, Jake Michael Gentry she has been with him for four and a half years. She?s not one-hundred percent for sure if she loves him, she just knows she has strong feeling for him and she deeply cares for him. They are inseparable their together twenty four seven, when their not together their texting or talking on the phone they know each other?s schedule like the back of their hands, some people think there to clingy but when someone says something to them they just say there crazy about each other. As the bus pulls up to school Ally see?s Jake and she gets a huge smile on her face and feels the butterflies in her tummy, she loves that after four years he still makes her feel the way she did on their first date.

Good morning, beautiful!? Jake says happily. Jake is six foot exactly, he has black hair it?s kind of long it comes down to his eyes and he likes to swing it to the right. He is very muscular, he?s not like the steroids type muscular but he works out every day to keep his body nice he loves his eight pack. His personality is completely different then Ally?s, he?s not as religious as her but she does bring him to church with her every Sunday and Wednesday he?s not as nice to everyone as she is and he party?s all the time. He is the typical stereo type jock, and he doesn't mind it and Ally likes him the way he is.
Good morning, handsome! Ally replies What are your plans today? I feel like getting my hair and nails done while you're at weights. That sounds good, weights have been changed from four to six adding an hour because some football players got drunk and egged the coach?s house and he found out so we are all getting punished. He says as he grabs her hand and walks her into school. There's a party tonight also, weird huh? It?s Thursday and there a party? Apparently it?s going to be small, and it?s called the pre-party because tomorrow night there is going to be a huge one! There?s going to be five guys coming together to rent a cabin on the beach, how sweet is that??
A party tonight? Are you should we should go? I mean there's going to be school tomorrow, don't want to have a hangover. Ally says as she stops in the hall and turns to him. What is they have drug testing? They haven't had it yet this month.
Well, yeah a party tonight, and I'm going babe. With or without you, you don't have to drink, it will save money; it's like ten bucks to buy alcohol. How crazy is that? I will bring twenty bucks in case you do. But the plan is going to Cody's at ten, party, stay there till school time, go to school, play at the game, win, and go to the cabin at the beach and get buck. Sound good?? Jake says right as the bell rings giving Ally no time to answer him he kisses her on the check smiles and walks her into class. They fixed there schedule so they could have every class together even though they do the teachers give assign seats so they do not get to sit beside each other. Ally was in shock, did he really just say he would go with or without her He couldn't? Could he? Would he? She really hated when he did this he always loves partying and it makes her sick sometimes, just to think that he loves it more than her.

Ally is sitting in calculus day dreaming about how she wants to get married to Jake, with the long train and strapless pouf white wedding dress, she wants an outdoor wedding at Niagara falls just as she?s walking down the aisle Mrs.Canoco yells for her to go to the principal?s office. As Ally gets up and is making her way to Principal Breton?s office she tries to think of what she could have done, she can?t think of anything. When she walks in she stops breathing she?s in shock, is he really there? Is that really my father or is it my imagination? Wow, that cannot be him why would he be here now? Mom! Is something wrong with mom? That would be the only reason for him coming right?
?Ally, we have something to tell you.? Principal Brinton says as he grabs Ally?s arm and motions for her to have a seat. ?I think it?s best if you?re sitting.?
?Yes Al he?s right.? Her father Jerry says. ?It?s been a while huh? I?m sorry for that but we have some news about your mother if you would like to hear it. If not from me, then I can step out but sheriff Long and principal Brinton thought it would be best if I was here well at least until I told them about everything that has happened this year.? Jerry lee Parker is six foot two inches, when Ally was three he gave her the nickname Al and that?s what he has called her ever since. Jerry has short dirty blonde hair he has it cut kind of like the military men cut theirs, he has really good posture he stands straight up, and he?s tall and slim. He?s wearing a black suit like he always wear?s he is a lawyer and is just used to wearing a suit even when he is not working. Jerry?s personality is much like Ally?s or at least it was when he was in high school he was nice to everyone just like her. He is a very outgoing person he can talk your head off if you let him, he never stops talking it's amazing how he always has something to say usually always something nice or something that will make you laugh he is known for his sense of humor.
What do you mean what's happened this year? How in the world would you know what's happened this year? I know what's happened this year with me and mom, but YOU wouldn't know anything. Because where have you been? Somewhere far away. Am I right? Yes I think so. But if you mean you told him you haven?t seen me in a year, and then yes that's correct. Or if you mean you told him what YOU did last year with that whole cheating, lying, divorcing and walking out on this family then yes you know all about that. Now don?t you Jerry?? The words just kept coming to her and before she could even think, they were out. Yes she just call her father Jerry because isn?t a father a man who is there for his daughter? Who takes care of her? Who puts a roof over her head? Who feeds her and buys things for her? And when she comes home from school he asks her how her day was? He use to do all that but he don?t anymore can she really call him father? Is this the way she wants to reunite with her father?
?I see honey this is going to be hard for you, maybe I should just leave or wait outside.? Jerry says with a hurt look on his face.
?Maybe you should just leave, that?s what your best at isn?t it?? Ally snaps back.
Jerry walks out he isn?t sure if he should stay or leave he decides to stay. He wants to be out here for Ally just in case she wants to talk to him, just in case she needs him. He knows she will not admit to needing him after everything that happened but he?s still her father and he knows when she?s lying and when she needs something. Jerry walks across the hall and sits down he cradles his head in his hands and lets a few tears run down his cheek. He thinks to himself, I really messed up with her, am I ever going to get a relationship back with her? Will we ever have that bond again? Will I ever get to take her for ice cream or take her to the dentist again? Will I ever get my daughter back?

?Okay now that you have brought my dad back and let me see him. And let all this hatred build right back up. What is going on? Is it my mother? And by the way where is she? Does she know he?s back? Does she know he?s around me? I don?t know if you know this, but after the divorce my mom and I got a restraining order on him, because if he didn?t want to be in our lives we don?t want him ours either not now or ever he?s not supposed to be within five-hundred feet of me.? Ally commanded. All of the feelings she felt all came rushing back to her, the look in his eyes when he walked out the last time he saw her like he didn?t care about her. She was angry it?s hard for her to think about it she really hates her father.
?Ally, you need to calm down take a few slow breathes.? Sheriff Long said softly. ?I was bringing your mother a fruit basket my wife made for her she wanted to let her know we are here for and if she ever needs anything we are here. When I got there I knocked on the door no answer so continued for a little while then I tried the door and saw that it was unlocked, I walked in saw that she wasn?t home so I went to leave the basket on the table and saw a note. Here it is.?
Ally takes the note and reads it: ?Dear Ally, I love you sweetie and I know you are a very strong young women and I love that about you. I know you will be better off without me and I?m sorry I did not stick around to say goodbye but I knew that if I was there with you and tried to say goodbye I couldn?t do it. Ally honey I want you to know I?m nothing like your father but I need sometime for myself after your father left it?s been really hard on me being alone and trying to raise you after all the years of living in this house and raising you in a happy family then having to raise you without a father and dealing with you hating me and me not wanting anything to do with you, I think it would be best for us both to have time apart. Ally I love you and this is not goodbye. P.s I?ll see you soon don?t worry.? Ally broke down and cried she didn?t know what to think other than her mother left her and now she has no one but Jake. She never once thought her mother would turn out like her father and walk out? But this was worse her mother didn?t even say goodbye she just left.
?Ally we know you are seventeen and cannot stay at home by yourself. You are going to have to find a place to stay soon have any place in mind?? Principal Brinton said.
?I don?t have anyone in mind right now but I think I can stay with Katrina for now. And I will let you know when I find a more permanent home, thank you both for everything. But may I return to my class we are studying for the test we are having tomorrow?? Ally said as calmly as she could.
?Yes you may and please if you need anything let me or the Sheriff know.? Principal Brinton says.
?Yes I will.? Ally says as she walks out. She sees her father sitting in the floor with his head down she doesn?t think anything of it until she hears him whisper to himself ?I?m such a failure I should die.? At first that makes her really sad but then she thinks yeah you are a failure and yeah maybe you should die. As she tried to sneak away very quietly she starts to feel bad. She turns around to talk to him.
?Hey, so I guess they wanted you here to see it you could make it any easier for me? And I guess after you told them everything they figured you probably couldn?t help. I think they also wanted me to stay with you? But you don?t have to worry about that, I?m staying with my friend Katrina tonight and probably tomorrow night, until I can find something more permanent.? Ally said not that she felt like she needed to tell him where she would be or what she would be doing. They sat there in silence for a little while ?You know I figured mom would leave or kick me out, she?s been really angry ever since you left, first she was fine acted like the normal boring mom, but then she started acting really really sad, and she would either stay on the couch or the bed all day and night. Then after a couple of weeks of that she became extremely happy all the time, and started hanging around with all the single men, a different one each night. I guess after she got tired of that she went to being angry. She would get so angry she would beat me after you left everything went downhill, it?s like mom hates me. She hasn?t hit me in a while it?s been about two or three months now. Here recently she?s been sort of normal, I guess, she has kept her distant and I?ve kept mine she stays gone all day and pretty much all night and I stay gone all day till about eleven. We never see each other anymore it was like I didn?t have a mom I had a roommate. Dad all this happened because you and your affair, me losing my mother, the bond I once had with her you know she was my best friend before you decided to leave. I have lost everyone that meant the world to me. I no longer have a father and now I don?t have a mother, look what you have done.?
?Al I?m sorry, I don?t know what to say, I never thought your life would end up like this because of my actions I never meant for any of this to happen. I know you will probably never forgive me but please know I am truly sorry.? Jerry said ?You are my daughter and I will always love you no matter what happens.?
?I know you are sorry, but you are right I don?t think I will EVER forgive you for what you did because you have given me more pain then I should have ever had to deal with.? Ally said. ?I don?t expect you to stick around. Goodbye Jerry.?
Ally was over whelmed; she didn?t know what to say or what to think about. Did her mom really just leave? Is she ever coming back? Ally is asking herself all these questions but she doesn?t know who to ask these questions to. She?s scared and only wants to return to Jake. Ally gets back to calculus, and everyone was talking and hanging around she guesses their supposed to be doing their homework, but of course only the smart kids are. She looks back to her desk and there was Katrina, Jake, and Amanda. Katrina Marie Kendall is Ally?s number one best friend, she hasn?t always been but here in the last couple of years they have grew extremely close. Katrina is the type of girl who takes no one?s crap; she tells it like it is. She is a big smart-aleck but everyone says she can get away with it because she?s pretty so that makes her do it even more. She is five foot one inch and her nickname is short stack. She has long black shiny hair, it?s done to her butt she likes to wear her hair in loose braids. She?s very stylish; she?s always wearing high heels or boots, tight jeans, tight shirts, and all kinds of accessories. Today she is wearing a black leather skirt that comes up to her waist with hot pink leggings and a hot pink tank top tucked in with black uggs and long black necklace that wraps around her neck and hangs down four times. Amanda Nicole Harper has been Ally?s best friend since they were four they went to preschool together and on up. Amanda is very nosey she is friends with everyone just so she can know everything about everyone, she gossips none stop. She tries to stay one everyone?s good side. Ally doesn?t know if she even wants to talk to them, she doesn?t want to have to talk about it just yet.
?What crap did you do this time?? Katrina says with a giggle. ?I?m dying to hear.? She didn?t answer she just looked at Jake, which told him something was wrong and that she isn?t okay.
?Baby what?s wrong? Are you okay? Are you in trouble? Is it something more? What did you do? Did you do anything?? Jake worries really badly.
?Oh gosh!? Amanda says as she turns to jump up and give Ally a hug, Ally started crying.
?I need time; I will talk to you all in a little while right now I just need some time to process everything that has happened. I need somewhere to stay tonight Katrina do you think I can stay the night with you?? Ally finally says.
?Ally! What is going on? Tell me right now!? Jake commands.
?Jake! Shut up give her time and her space. Or she?s going to have to think about you too.? Amanda snaps back.
?Amanda never says I?m going to have to think about him because I never will Jake is my everything, and the only thing I am sure about. He is the reason I wake up in the morning. Please, though, Jake, she is right when I am able to explain and tell you everything, you will be the first to know, honey. I just can?t bring myself to say it. If I say it, I know it?s true, and I?m not able to accept it right now.? Ally slowly says.
?I?m sorry, Ally I?ll be at my desk.? Jake says as he gets up. ?I love you, Ally Jade Parker, and I always will. I will always be here for you I will never let you fall.?
?I love you too.? Is all Ally could work up, she felt so bad for not telling him, but she just couldn?t bring herself to say anything. She just wanted to cry.
?Ally, I don?t think you will be able to spend the night with me my parents have some type of business dinner, and I have to dress up, and be on my best behavior and everything. Amanda, why don?t you let her stay at your house?? Katrina says.
?I will text my dad, I?m sure he won?t care Ally.? Amanda says. ?But I won?t know until later today, he?s working and can?t text. His break is in two hours. Is that okay??
?Yes Amanda that?s fine, I just need to know something soon, to tell the sheriff.? Ally regretted that right when it came out. She could see Amanda?s eyes get real big, and Katrina cover her mouth with her hands.
?Ally, I know you don?t want to say anything, but please just tell me you?re not in trouble with the cops or you mom isn?t.? Katrina said.
?No I?m not in trouble or anything. Katrina, I will call you tonight, at the same time I tell Amanda. Okay so keep your phone close because when I say it, it will be the last time, and I won?t explain it again.? Ally said.
?I understand. But I?m going to let you be alone, and I?m going to go back to my seat. Love you girl.? Katrina and Amanda both got up and went back to their seats. Just in time, the bell rang. Ally was surprised Jake didn?t just leave he came back to her desk. First thing she thought was he?s just coming back there to drill her some more about what was wrong.
?Hey babe, I know you don?t want to talk about it, so I won?t ask. But I thought you might still want your boyfriend to walk with you to class?? Jake says with a smile on his face.
?Of course, I do.? Ally grabbed Jake and wrapped her arms around him as he did the same. All the tears just came pouring out, right then in his arms. She?s never felt so happy to be in his arms.
?Baby, do you even want to be here?? Jake says.
?No, not really but if we leave I need to go tell Amanda and tell her to text me when she finds out if I can stay with her.? Ally replies.
?Okay honey lets go find her.? Jake says. ?You could just spend the night with me.?
?But aren?t you going to the party?? Ally asks.
?Not if you don?t want me to. I know this is hard for you and when you want to let me know what is going on I?m here.? Jake says. ?Ally, I love you and I will be here for you no matter what, you will always have me. After we find Amanda where do you want to go?? Ally wasn?t for sure where she wanted to go she just knew she didn?t want to be there. Ally grabs Jake?s hand and walks out the class room down the halls first they go to Amanda?s locker and that?s where they spot her.
?Hey girl, what?s up?? Amanda asks. She?s hoping that Ally will tell here what?s going on.
?Jake and I are going to leave. I don?t feel like being here.? Ally says. While getting Amanda?s hopes up. ?So when you find out if I can stay with you girl, just text me. K??
?Alright.? Amanda says.
Jake and Ally head for the downstairs door and left. They take Jake?s car, and decide to go to the ice cream shop that her mom and dad use to take her to every Friday for family time. She orders three things, the cashier looks at her funny. She orders what she would always get, and what her mom and dad would always get. She thinks back to all the times they?ve been there together or at least all the times she can remember. They started going when Ally was two and stopped going when Ally turned fourteen, Ally hasn?t had ice cream since the last time he family went there, she don?t even have ice cream for birthdays. Ally started complaining ice cream would mess up her diet and she had to have a good and healthy diet is what her coach told her. She regrets listening to her coach, because when she really thinks about it her family started falling apart when they stopped having family time. Jake and Ally find a table and have a seat. Jake is really wondering what?s wrong with her, why did she order all those ice cream. She hasn?t had ice cream for four years now, she is really not okay. Is she going to eat all three of those? Is she really going to mess up her diet that she has worked so hard on?
?Ally are you okay? What?s going on? Why do you want to be here?? Jake asks. ?Are you really going to eat all those? Are you really going to screw up your diet? What do you think your coach is going to say? Ally, I don?t want to force you but I?m really worrying.?
?Jake honey, my mom left today? Ally says while grabbing the note out of her purse and handing it to him. As Jake reads it he looks at her Ally is just re-reading the note in her head and she starts crying again. Jake reaches over and grabs her hand. ?That?s not all. My father was in the principal?s office when I walked in the sheriff told me I could not stay home by myself because I am not yet eighteen. I guess they thought I would stay with my father but when he told them everything he did they changed their mind. I and my father got into a huge fight and I just couldn?t stop talking I had some much to say and it just kept coming out. I didn?t even get to say everything I wanted to say. But I did tell him about how mom has turned out and how I blame him for everything that has happened between me and my mother, I really do blame him. I told him I didn?t have a father anymore I called him by Jerry. I told him that I would never forgive him for what he done I told him that he put me through pain that I should have never had to go through. Jake that was really hard for me maybe the hardest thing I have ever had to do. All the feelings I had when he walked out came rushing back. I really just want you to stay with me right now that is all I need.?
?Ally, I?ll stay with you.? Jake says while grabbing her hand. ?I?m not sure what to say, but I love you Ally. And I?m here for you and I will always be here for you. I know this is really hard for you, and I know it will get better, with time it will, all wounds heal with time. You know that, I know it?s hard for you, but you?ll get through this with the help form me. I know you probably think your mom don?t love you, but she said , multiple times in the note that she does love you and that she just needs time alone. No, that?s not a great mom. But she said she is coming back, and you need to remember that and remember it?s your choice if you want to let her back in your life when she does come home. I?m for you, Ally.?
?Can we just get out of here? I?m ready to go home. Will you stay with me tonight instead of going to the party? Can I just spend the night with you?? Ally asks.
?Yeah grab your coat we?ll leave.? Jake says as he grabs his coat. ?You want to go back to your place? Yes of course I?ll stay with you instead of going to the party. I?m pretty positive my mom won?t care if you stay the night.?
?Okay. Yeah I want to go to my house, I need to get something?s and then we can leave.? Ally says while getting into Jakes car. The ride to Ally?s house was quiet, Ally was too busy trying to think when her mom will come home, and what in the world she was thinking of just leaving. When they arrived Ally started getting a headache, she never thought she would be there for the last time. She always thought the last time living there she would be heading off to college and her mom and dad would be there to wish her well. But neither her mom or dad was there just Jake, and she isn?t going off to college she?s going to Jake?s. Ally starts feeling sick and the more she thinks about her mom leaving and seeing her dad again it gets worse she continues to think about her mom and all the fun times they had in the house. And before she knew it she had to sling open the door and vomit. Jake felt really bad that he couldn?t do anything to help her, and he knew he couldn?t the only thing he could do is be there for her when she wanted to talk. He wished he could help her he wished he could find her mom and brings her back, he wished he could go back in time and stop her mom from leaving so Ally wouldn?t have to go through this, but he knew he couldn?t do any of that. When Ally stopped vomiting they both got out of the car and headed for the door on they walked in and she saw the fruit basket on the table exactly where the sheriff told her he left it. They had nothing to do for the rest of the day so Ally figured they could just stay there, Ally was extremely tired and just wanted to rest. They headed back to Ally?s room, Jake loved her room he loved the colors he thought it was so Ally. The white wood was for how pure she was, the red bed spread and curtains was for how passionate she was about anything and everything she does, and the bright rainbow wall paper was for how she could brighten anyone?s day with just her smile. They both walked over and laid on her bed Ally laid her head on Jake?s chest she loved doing this. She loved hearing his heart beat she believes that sometimes there hearts beat in unison.
*BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP* Ally?s phone goes off it wakes Ally and Jake up she grabs her phone and begins to read the text ?Hey girl how?s it going? I missed you today at school!!! I texted my daddy and he said that you can spend the night. So come over whenever you want too. G2g. ily!? Ally texted her back and told her she would be staying at Jake?s. They decide to head over to Jake?s when they get there they find out that his parents are out on a business trip and won?t be back for a week. They went to lie on the couch and watch TV there watching ?the notebook? Ally?s favorite movie. It gets to Ally?s favorite part, where Noah takes Allie out on the boat and there surrounded by the birds, Ally looks at Jake and starts kissing him, they get up and make their way to the bed room where they begin to break the promise they made to God when they were baptized. When they are done Ally makes her way to the bath room she looks in the mirror and at first she has a huge beautiful smile on her face then she stops, and she thinks oh gosh what did we just do? Did we really do that after everything we worked for? No, we couldn?t have. Ally hears Jake knocking on the door.
?Hey baby, how you doing in there?? He says. Jake is extremely happy he couldn?t have wished for his first time to be any more perfect.
?I?m fine honey I just need a few minutes I?ll be out in a second.? Ally says. She doesn?t know what to do should she go out and act like she?s happy? Should she go out there and tell him how she feels? If she did would he be sad? She knew how happy he was he has always wanted his first time to be with her he wanted to get it done and over with. But would he be mad or sad at her if she went out there and told him she wished it wouldn?t have happened? She feels like she betrayed God, she feels terrible. She don?t know what to do she wants to go to church and pray. She?s hurting on the inside she feels spiritually further from God, then before. She doesn?t want to see Jake right now she wants nothing to do with him right now but what could she do? Where could she go? She just wants the all the pain to go away. And just when she thinks that she spots a razor not just any kind of razor the kind of razor the doctors use to cut people, the long kind that has the green handle with the plastic tip that you slid down to use it?s a small blade but very sharp. Ally grabs the blade she holds it in her right hand she?s very shaky first she starts making small not so deep cuts on her leg then begins to make longer deeper cuts on her leg. Then she decides it?s not working and she holds out her left wrist and looks at that vain that goes your wrist on to your hand, and she cuts straight along the vain. Ally starts getting very dizzy as the blood comes gushing out the last thing she remembers is yelling Jake?s name and then she goes blank.
Jake came rushing to the door the door was locked so he kicked it in he saw her on the floor with blood surrounding her he panicked he didn?t know what to do. He called 911 he don?t know if they will get there soon enough so he rushes to the cabinet and grabs three towels and ties the first one around her wrist, ties the next one around her thigh and puts the next one on her head where she feel. The police got there twenty minutes after the call and rushed her to the hospital they knew immediately then that she has lost way too much blood.
Jake called sheriff Long and told him what happened sheriff Long called her father Jerry. Nobody knew this but Jerry was with Bridget after he left the school he went home and searched the flights that took off and looked for the name Bridget Parker and he found her she landed in Santiago. He quickly booked a flight and flew there and found Bridget and brought her back and now there on their way to the hospital. When they arrived they sat there and explained why they were together and then Bridget tried her best to explain why she left.
?Mr. and Mrs. Parker?? The doctor came out and asked. ?Please follow me.? Bridget and Jerry got up and followed the doctor. They walked around the corner so they could be alone. ?I have some very bad news about your daughter. She lost way to much blood, we were able to hook her up to IV?s and get blood pumping through her but I?m sorry to say it was too late. Right now your daughter is in a comma we do not believe she will make it through the next few??
*Beep Beep Beep Beep* Nurses running back to Ally?s room yelling ?Code red! We have a Code red. Doctor Baker please hurry. Code red!?
?I have to go!? the doctor said. He ran back to Ally?s room to look on the monitor to see a straight line across the screen where her heart beat is supposed to be. He and the nurses did everything they could to save her but it was too late.

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Breanna says:
30 Jun, 2011 05:28 PM

Aww that was really touching

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Marta says:
01 Jul, 2011 12:13 AM

this story made me cry no lie.!!

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Sara says:
03 Jul, 2011 11:25 PM

This was a very goood story, I just kind of wish they would have kept going on about like wht did Jake do when he found out and stuff.

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angel says:
04 Jul, 2011 03:30 AM

ohhh awwww so sweet.itz really very awsm..vry congratz to author.

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ann says:
06 Jul, 2011 12:56 AM

why did i crying when read this story ?........

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MIsha says:
06 Jul, 2011 08:33 PM

kudos to the author.

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adrian says:
07 Jul, 2011 12:32 AM

such a good good story, i did to cry...

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Kate says:
07 Jul, 2011 10:27 PM

great story. very touching. but i would like to help you that will help with the next story... take time typing it... i know nothings perfect but i saw a few gammer mistakes that are most likely from typing to fast or checking over enough... you also veered of topic in a few spots. im not trying to be rude im trying to help in the future because the story was great. i really enjoyed it :)

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Amy says:
08 Jul, 2011 03:28 AM

I found that very touching and I could relate to that a lot.

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Julie says:
08 Jul, 2011 03:10 PM

this is the most saddiest story i ever read </3

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Rayaz says:
12 Jul, 2011 06:20 PM

wow... im in love with your story. i wish there was more to it. it want to know more about what happened next. what happens to Jake to Ally's parents. but i like the story.

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heartbroken says:
13 Jul, 2011 10:59 PM

I cried like crazy when I read this. It was SO sad! The author did a good job. It's weird because this happened to one of my best friends. And so many of my friends parents are divorced or getting a divorce. They say they're fine, but I know it sucks for them. But she shouldn't have killed herself.

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lorraine says:
15 Jul, 2011 01:08 PM

this girl reminds me of myself it's incredible

congrats to the author amazing story!

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Niamh says:
23 Jul, 2011 01:32 PM

Awww That Was Soooo Sad :'( I Nearly Cried XxXxXxXx ^ ^

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Niomi says:
23 Jul, 2011 05:06 PM

This is so sad. Yet so touching. I feel the same way about my boyfreind. And the person that said the story had grammar mistakes. Well you spelled grammar wrong. Just saying. (: but. Very touching story. I can't wait to read others like it. You should make a book. This story is so good. Keep up the good work.

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sumcunt says:
31 Jul, 2011 10:21 PM

Looks like it was written by some 15 year old american girl, wasn't impressed at all. Seems like something that took 5 minutes to think of a plot for. Very unoriginal, uninteresting and all in boring, I got to the 2nd paragraph and just started skimming. You're no author there sugartits, sorry.

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Miley says:
10 Oct, 2011 04:04 PM

wow.... thts a REALLY touching story i didnt cry although i think i was a few minutes away from it..
great job to the author

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ashley says:
20 Oct, 2011 11:41 AM

:'( this is absolutely the most touching story i ever read

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Anon says:
20 Nov, 2011 06:10 AM

Who wrote this?? Very amateur I did not like it al all

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Brianna says:
23 Nov, 2011 05:54 PM

i think this is a very good story, props to the author, she did a very good job. yeah she messed up on some of the tense's but other then some grammar mistakes she did great. and to anyone who don't like it oh well you probably just don't like it because it made you cry or mad because Ally died. And it's not some happily ever after.
Great Story!

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fiyyxx says:
10 Dec, 2011 09:18 PM

such a good story :( but what happen with Jake?

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Kelia says:
06 Mar, 2012 12:54 AM

This was really good Brianna. Excellent!!! you should make a second part to this story.... message me back and ill give you my number i guess? and we can talk because believe it or not im a little bit of a write myself.. :) Congratulations!!!!!!

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Brianna says:
27 Mar, 2012 10:44 PM

Hey Kelia, how about you give me your email and i'll give you mine and we can talk that way?

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kirty says:
10 Jun, 2012 04:05 AM

You should really make a second part do it like they do surgery and she comes back to life or something, but its was a very touching story with self-harming and her dieing conseidering thats nearly happened to me but it was lovely :)

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hha says:
03 Oct, 2012 12:34 AM

why are there question marks everywhere. it was hard to read the story. but except for that it was awesome.(:

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Gracie says:
20 Mar, 2013 05:44 PM

OMG soo sad

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Student!!!!!!!!!!! says:
13 Jun, 2013 04:49 PM

That is so sad

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Kheemi says:
15 Apr, 2015 05:14 AM

Touching story ;-) good job author :-)

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Kim says:
21 Apr, 2015 06:44 PM

It's to long vato.

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