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sarah j clawson

18 May, 2017 05:53 AM

MEGAN'S STORY Megan Meier His name was Josh Evans. He was 16 years old. And he was hot. "Mom! Mom! Mom! Look at him!" Tina Meier recalls her daughter saying. Josh had contacted Megan Meier through her MySpace page and wanted to be added as a friend. Yes, he's cute, Tina Meier told her daughter. "Do you know who he is?" "No, but look at him! He's hot! Please, please, can I add him?" Mom said yes. And for six weeks Megan and Josh - under Tina's watchful eye - became acquainted in the virtual world of MySpace. Josh said he was born in Florida and recently had moved to O'Fallon. He was homeschooled. He played the guitar and drums. He was from a broken home: "when i was 7 my dad left me and my mom and my older brother and my newborn brother 3 boys god i know... [Read More]

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Abused Memories


17 Oct, 2012 03:25 PM

When I was 3 years old my mom and dad divorced over letters. He was in Iraq in the army, so I barely knew him. A year later my mom gets a new boyfriend, yay for her bad for me. He hated me so much I still don't know why, but anyway he abused me. I'm not talking about once a week slap across the face. I'm talking throwing hammers at you while you hide, kicking you over and over, and nailing your fingers to a wall. My mom never knew this, my dad came back when I was 5 and I had weekly visits on the weekends. When I would get into trouble at his house he would yell a little and tell me not to do it again, I flinched the second he yelled...I was skittish like a stray cat. He went to court and my mother was... [Read More]

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