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Abused Memories


17 Oct, 2012 03:25 PM

When I was 3 years old my mom and dad divorced over letters. He was in Iraq in the army, so I barely knew him. A year later my mom gets a new boyfriend, yay for her bad for me. He hated me so much I still don't know why, but anyway he abused me. I'm not talking about once a week slap across the face. I'm talking throwing hammers at you while you hide, kicking you over and over, and nailing your fingers to a wall. My mom never knew this, my dad came back when I was 5 and I had weekly visits on the weekends.

When I would get into trouble at his house he would yell a little and tell me not to do it again, I flinched the second he yelled...I was skittish like a stray cat. He went to court and my mother was blamed for she still didn't know Cory abused me.

Okay fast forward to when I was 8.My mom now had three kids...Me:8 Leah:2 Trinity:7 weeks. My mom had 2 kids with Cory, he still abused me and my mom still didn't know. It was Sunday January 20th and I had a really bad feeling in my gut. My mom wasn't supposed to be at work but she was called in (she worked in wall-mart), I had just got home from my dads ( I lived with grandma,aunt,cousin,and Cory and sisters and mom). It was 3:00 and 2 of my mom's friends came to the door saying "Uh...we think we just saw Viola in a really bad accident". We were like what no! she is a really good driver and blew it off .30 minutes later a state trooper comes to our door "Ma'am I'm sorry to say your mother Viola was hit and killed in a car accident". It took me a minute to realize what he said but when I did I screamed. We later found out that it was Cory who accidently hit her(they were engaged at this point).

To make matters worse Leah and Trinity were so young, But during the funeral Cory left early and took My baby sisters to Minnasota. It has been 5 years since I have seen them,and my grandma was killed by depression which gave her seizures.I moved to North Carolina with my dad and about 2 years ago we came back. He had cut me off from my mom's side of the family. A couple of months ago I was reconnected with them and my sisters. Only to find out more horrible news. My youngest sister Trinity (4) was crossing the street and did not see a car. She tripped and fell, the car didn't stop in time and ran over her.She died instantly because it ran over her head.

I have suffered a great deal, I know I'm lucky but I don't feel like it. I miss my mom grandma and sister.Who else am I going to lose?

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mansi says:
24 Jan, 2013 08:18 PM

im really sorry for you im sorry i connot write more im really shocked about this story

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