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I Followed My Dreams…

Aiden Riches

03 Sep, 2018 04:45 AM

My story is quite long and in depth. Wouldn’t want to make anyone bored but this is an 100% true story of what happened to me. It started as a little toddler: 3 years of age. I remember my first dream. It was a nightmare and scared the crap out of me! I was afraid of everything from that moment on. Until… I had another dream. This one I met a girl. This was my first lucid dream, with many more to come. (In case you don’t know what that is, it is a dream in which you have full control and can realise you are dreaming). I was hiding from everything because I was scared, but then she saw me she introduced herself and told me that it was just a dream. I looked up and she took my hand and showed me how to lucid dream. She weirdly... [Read More]

Tags: Lonely, Dreams, Depression, Love Hurts, Sacrifice, Suicide, Broken Heart, Best Friend, Bullied
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I Never Knew


30 Jan, 2012 03:15 PM

I don't know how it happened. It was a regular day at school. Math had just finished and I walked back to my locker with some friends. We had gotten done early so we were talking, nothing of too much importance. Out of the corner of my eye I saw three men dressed in black walk down the stairs. I could not see their faces because they had masks on. None of us saw it coming. The first one pulled out a gun and the others followed suit. We all jumped into the room next to us when they fired. They didn't fire at us but up into the ceiling, as a warning. I heard screams coming from all directions including inside myself. The leader was saying something. He was about six feet or so. He was not skinny bu not heavy. He was telling everyone to get out into... [Read More]

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3 days till forever

dark royalty angel

29 Aug, 2011 07:19 AM

?3 Days Till Forever? BY: Fatima Mae M. Panganiban GIAN: It was her 5th birthday as her nurse explained to me that she collapse after a brief game with her friends. She was brought to the hospital and there they found out what she has been suffering. It was the start of our 2nd grading and time to switch places; from a front seat I transferred myself to the very back. There, in that place, was peaceful, silent, and cold. It had a very different climate from my past seating place, but it was nice though I didn't have anyone to talk to for the seats beside me were empty (but not for long). At the same morning, our school principal walk right in our classroom with a new student at her side (and I wonder why they change their minds about late enrolled students, but this was an exception... [Read More]

Tags: First Love, Death, Lost, Sacrifice
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