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3 days till forever

dark royalty angel

29 Aug, 2011 07:19 AM

?3 Days Till Forever?
BY: Fatima Mae M. Panganiban

GIAN: It was her 5th birthday as her nurse explained to me that she collapse after a brief game with her friends. She was brought to the hospital and there they found out what she has been suffering.
It was the start of our 2nd grading and time to switch places; from a front seat I transferred myself to the very back. There, in that place, was peaceful, silent, and cold. It had a very different climate from my past seating place, but it was nice though I didn't have anyone to talk to for the seats beside me were empty (but not for long). At the same morning, our school principal walk right in our classroom with a new student at her side (and I wonder why they change their minds about late enrolled students, but this was an exception to my protest) he was tall, light skinned and very, well, good looking
?Good morning 3rd year.? She greeted ?here with me is a new classmate of yours his name is??
?Hello, my name is Gian Park, and I am from Korea.?
?Well Gian this will be your classmate from here on. Teacher.? She went out
?Okay class you can introduce your selves later, and Gian you may sit beside Prai.?
WHAT! Why me? oh never mind.
?Hello,? he greeted ?you must be Prai, my name is Gian? for an Asian who speaks one of the complicated languages, he`s really good in English.
?Yap that`s me,? I smiled ?nice to meet you Gian, come you can sit right here and your bag over there.?
?Thanks? he smiled. You know what most Koreans I see or meet don?t really smile a lot like this guy and for the record, he has a breath taking smile. Since then I started to admire him.
The next few days; he started to show progress in almost all the subjects but, the one that empresses me the most was during a competition in singing, it was a BY-PAIR kind of a contest and he volunteered himself right in.
?But Gian who will you be singing with?? teacher asked
?Prai.? He said with more confidence than expected. And smiled the kind that got me off mind.
?Okay, sure.? I agreed. MINDLESSLY: to be exact. But I had the feeling it would be the start of something new.
The contest would be held 3 days from now and it seemed to be getting closer every time we sing together. The song was entitled ?The Way That You Make Me Feel? witch very much relates to me in any way. Wait?. Does teacher know how I feel? Am I being too obvious in some way I didn't notice? That`s impossible. I think. Anyway today`s the big day, the day we've been practicing for hours, has finally come. Now 10:15 am after 3 acts have finished, is the moment of truth. And then the music starts, spotlights show our every move, expectant people`s eyes full of joy as we sang through their hearts. And in about 3 and a half minutes it was all over.
Gian and I with the whole class celebrated for the winning title of champions. We went to Casa Verde for dinner then to this hot new D.C in Cross Roads. Boy! That place had some high energy, the whole place was practically booked for us, so the party was private by one of our classmates. We danced till we dropped and surprised by our teacher`s with a musical act. Soon we decide to settle down a bit. Kathy brought up the spin the bottle game, so I had no choose (since I didn't want to be a loner) but to follow the crowed, but anyways, the game was hilarious; answering wired questions, doing unexpected dares and telling nothing but the truth or your hands will suffer. Good thing I didn't get caught. YET. But like the game requested everyone should have the chance.
?FINALLY, it`s about time the bottle picked you.? Jemimah exclaimed.
?I`ll go with truth,? wait what!! That came out so wrong. ? wait I change my mind.?
?Nope, first chosen must be done or double the deed.?
?FINE.? I grumbled
?Okay hold your hands like this, Gian you squeeze it.? NO!!!!!! but he did it anyways, he took my criss-crossed fingers gently like it would break at any moment.
?So Prai, how did you feel about singing with Gian in front of the whole school??
?It was great, I never thought I could sing that well on stage.?
?Okay another question,? Kathy said but I protested, the deal was 1 question per category, but here comes another one popping out.
?How do you feel towards him NOW?? whoa, that?s not a good question. I felt my heart pounding and my hands trembling. Which I wish they didn't. Gain felt my sudden reaction (why would he not, he was holding my hands!)
?I like her.? He admitted. Loudly. In front of the whole class, and I ended up dazed by his sudden words
I woke up to every one`s cheering voices and felt my face flushed red.
?Oh look, Prai`s blushing so hard!? Carter announced and every one cheered louder. I saw Gian looking down at his own hands, finally every one got over the cheering and went for the dance floor, loud music started playing wildly, impossible to hear anyone talking, even the person just 3 inches away from you.
[ ] text messaging
[Did you really mean what you said a while ago?] I texted
[Not really, though I like you as a friend it`s just that I felt your hands shaking so I thought I should save you.]
[Thanks, but you really don?t have too. I mean hear what our classmates have said? They think we`re in a BF-GF kind of relationship.] which I wish we were in.
[Nah, don?t worry. They`ll forget about it soon enough :3] and I trust him.
Ever since that day, we started hanging out together with a few other friends but mostly by ourselves which was kind of fun. We got closer and closer until the whole school thought of us as the cutest couple in the school newspaper. ?We don?t mind about the thought? that?s what we tell each other when it first came out. But I did and I want to admit everything to him, I just don?t know how. 3 days later, the clubs are now up for grabs. He joined photography while I went on the MESC crue. CLUB TIME; those were the only times we`d be away from each other, though I`d see him ones in a while, I can`t help but jump for joy. But that ?joy? of mine didn't last long. One time during clubs, the photography club was assigned to capture motions in pictures, there he came to our floor and took lots of them. When he finished and I thought he would come near me?.. My heart shattered to a million pieces just by one seen I`d never want to see when it comes to him. I ran out of the GYM crying off pain, ended up in the girl`s locker room. Lucky I am that no one was there to see or hear this emotions pouring out. I sat inside a shower stall and let the water drenched me till I could feel none of my tears, there I set my anger loose, let it roll till it was gone. There I cried everything out, every sweet memory, smile and hugs of greetings. Everything, I set free, not wanting to remember all of it. Not after today, and to think this was the day we`d first met and now; the day we`d never exist.
Time came slow while I was in there, trying to think in every way. I had closed my eyes the whole time and let my mind wonder around in my now darkened world. I hear doors opening and closing of every shower stall, no voice spoke until it reached to where I was hidden. There a hand shook the door with tenses amount of pressure; like that person was worried. There was no way someone would have thought I was here, cause they don?t really care. Including him. Or so I thought. The person behind that door kicked it harder and harder, I wanted so much to stop her but the problem was that I couldn't stand up, I opened my eyes but everything was blurry, I tried to talk but my voice failed me. By then the person succeeded, I was wrong to think the person behind the door was a girl, because first of all no boys are allowed to come in here, not even the school janitor. I felt his touch on my cheek and heard his faint voice saying something like; ?Prai! Wait, hold on okay. Stay with m?.?
I woke up to the warm light of the next day and found myself inside a hospital`s room, but how did I get here? I tried recalling everything that had happened yesterday, closing my eyes and taking deep breaths, then painful memories started coming back, the reason why I ended up in the shower room, the picture that started everything, the pain in just thinking about it came back 10 times more than the last, maybe even more than I assume. It made me cry to myself knowing I was alone. That was when I saw another hand on mine. It led up to a familiar person`s figure. Gian.
?Nice to see you awake Prai, how are you?? the nurse greeted.
?How did I end up here? If you don?t mind me asking,?
?Because of him of course, you`re lucky he found you before something major happened.?
?He brought me here??
?Of course, he carried you all the way here, you know; I asked him something last night: WHO ARE YOU TO HER? He answered ?She`s the only person I`ll ever care about? I guess he really does care a lot about you, don`t you think so??
?Really that?s what he said?? she nodded ?Then what about the girl that, you know?..?
?Oh, miss Lyvain. He turned her down of course, he knew it wouldn't work out. And why would it when his heart is with you.? I looked at him full of regret, regretting thinking about him in a wrong way when all he ever wanted to show was his love for me. I felt a tear escape my eyes while touching his sleeping face.
?He hasn't left your side ever since, he didn't even eat. See?? she said and left the room.
He woke up 16 minutes after I did, he looked so pail, his face was devastated, though his eyes are saying his fine. I wouldn't dare buy it.
?How are you?? he asked rubbing my hand. ?How long did you wait??
?Why didn't you eat?? I countered his question and he looked unaware of my knowledge.
?I was busy.?
?I know, looking after me, but why? You could have gotten sick.?
?I don?t care about that.? He answered looking down.
?And you think I don`t?!? I got mad, I tugged my hand away from him but to no avail
?Don`t? he told me.
?Gian look at me,? he did ?I thank you for looking after me carefully, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't mind yourself you know.? Then he looked down again. How frustrating. ?You didn't know how I feel when I saw you with that girl. The sight was unbearable, the pain as well. I hated seeing you with another girl, it` just a big slap on the face.?
?Are you jealous?? he asked looking at me surprised, so I thought maybe it`s time to tell him,
?YES! Okay, I`m jealous. Jealous because that girl got to you before I could, jealous because she confessed her love for you first than I could.? I cried recalling that seen. ?I`m jealous because?.. because?.. she had you locked up before I did?..? he climb beside me on the bed and said
?Prai, you don?t half to be jealous. Trust me.? I want to but I don`t know how?
?Why not! How can I not be jealous, when I?ve loved you ever since! There I finally said it. So don`t feel guilty. I?_____.?
He silenced me with his soft pail pink lips, it caught me off guard for it was my first ever real kiss. But after absorbing the fact that he loved me to I just gave him back a few of it before we pulled away.
?Don?t you ever feel insecure because of some other girl. Just remember that you`ll always be the only one. Alright? ?
? Okay, just promise me you`ll never leave me alone, ever again.?
?I never would even if I`d die saving you, promise.? He gave me a sweet tight hug ?So how are you feeling??
?About what? The emotional or the physical??
?The second, feel any dizziness or something??
?Nope just fine, hungry honestly.?
?Oh, Oh yeah. Here the nurse brought this in this morning.?
?No thank you.?
?You said you we`re hungry, so why won`t you eat this??
?Trust me hospital food isn't good for the sick, makes you feel worse. So I guess it was a good thing you didn't eat.?
?So what kind of food do you want to eat??
?How about something out of this place, like Cross Roads.?
?Cross Roads?! That?s to far from here.?
?Please?? I acted cute.
?NO, no way, that cutesy thing won`t work on me now.?
?Really? Are you sure? C'mon, just for today. I`m really hungry.?
?FINE.? Yes!!! I won ha ha ha!!!
?Stay here I`ll go get the nurse.? He said leaving the room.
So I won and got what I wanted, him, his heart, everything, even persuading him to get me out of this place. I did it in just a piece of cake. Then the nurse came in and took every tube on my arm and I couldn't believe how many it was.
<After dinner and having fun>
?Don`t you ever tell the nurse what we did tonight. Or else you wont be able to get out of here again.?
<In the room>
?Excuse me nurse, how long do I half to stay here??
?3 more days Prai.?
?What?! Why?!?
? For further observation dear.?
?WHY! It`s not like I have a sickness or something.? She throw me a look that say`s it`s important.
?Sorry Prai it`s your uncle, Dr. Barron`s orders.?
?What!! My uncle knows about this?!?
?about you getting sick, not the reason.?
?Look Prai darling, the more you get enough rest the more you get out of here fast, okay? And you young man must go home and change before you get sick as well,?
?No thanks, I`m fine,?
?Nope, Naah. No way. You go ahead right now. Promise I?ll take care of her for you.?
?Go ahead Gian, don`t worry about me the nurse will take care of me. She promised right? And besides your parents maybe worried about you by now. I`ll call you if I`ll miss you, I promise?
?Alright, but I`ll be back soon.? He gave me a hug and left.
When the door was shot and I`m sure that he has gone far enough, my smile dissolved to bitter sadness for what comes next will surely hurt. I took a deep breath to steady my self .
?How bad has it been??
?Worst I suppose. Prai , you know you`re not supposed to get hurt in anyway, physical or emotional but look, you got hurt in both ways and you know that pain will do no good.?
?I know that, but I couldn't help it. It was too much to bare, but everything is fine now, we`re no together. And because of that I`ll Barron for it. I don`t want to make any false assumptions.?
So I went to my uncles clinic, taking one small step at a time, trying to delay my arrival, but than I arrived in less than 5 minutes.
?How are you Prai??
?Worried. Is it true? That I have less than 5 months to live??
?Yes. That is true sweetheart, I`m very sorry to have to say this news to you in such a very young age.?
?But why?! Last time we checked the cell were not even reaching maturity, I asked you to take it out but you said NO because it`s risky and now look I`ve only got % months less.? I cried.
?Shhh??? he told me ?I know how you feel, do you know how it developed so fast?? I nodded ?Do you want me to explain?? I nodded again, and so from the start of it all to the present. He explained to me vividly and I now understood. So in this short length of time, I should just accept the fact that I'm gonna be leaving soon, that its time to tell Gian of what`s about to happen. But the problem is; AM I STRONG ENOUGH?

?Hey there, how are you?? he gave me a kiss on the chicks
?Why? His face went worried and the smile disappeared. And I hate seeing that way
?Because you weren't here and I had no one to talk to. I couldn't even sleep.? I lied
?Don?t worry I`m here now.? He smiled, but I won`t. Not for long.
?Can I ask you a question?? I changed the topic ?What would you do if someone you love would only last for 100 days? Starting today.?
? What are you trying to say??
?Nothing really, just ?what if`s? you know.?
?Well, I`d not leave her side until the final moment. Spend every minute of the day with her making her happy and telling her everything will be fine as long as we`re together.? I figured that I can`t hide the truth forever, better tell now than it`s to late. RIGHT?
?Gian, I`m sick.?
?What wait I`ll call the nurse.?
?No I mean it. I`M ILLED.?
?What do you mean?? he asked, I took a deep breath to steady myself.
?I have a heart disease and only have 100 days left to live.?
?I don`t believe you.? He said, the words I`d never want to hear from someone I love. My heart shattered and once again giving power to the growing cells. This time hope is nowhere to be found. I told him the reason and how it happened; hoping he would stay just like he promised. But he walked out of my room and I was left alone to cry.
?Oh dear Prai did you tell him what happened?? I nodded between sods
?He walked out from me, Jane. He didn't keep his promise to stay till the very end.? I cried
?Shhh?? It`ll be okay. It`ll be fine. Maybe he couldn't believe it, you know some people do that at first and then come back a little latter.?
?But what if he doesn't??
?Prai, don`t lose hope. He`ll come back. Okay??
So hoping I was, that the nurse`s words would came true. Wishing and watching the door would open and reveal him to me every minute of every day. Not only the door but the phone as well to ring and hear his voice again. But nothing came, not one knock, not one ring. Then I began to realize that he was never gonna come back. I died waiting for his embrace, his voice, his smile and a lot more, but as soon as my last breath came I wished i`d NEVER met him at all.
?Gian, could you please come back. For Prai? She hasn't got a long time left?? To tell you the truth____ she is still waiting for your arrival, crying every time night would come. She wishes to see you for the last time if you don`t mind.?
?How much time do you mean she has left??
?Less than 2 months young man? So please if you still care for her like the last time, grant her this wish even if it means the last to hurt her heart.?
? Julie? To tell you honestly, I never left her, though physically I did but my heart is still with her. It never left. Tell her that and not to cry anymore, I`ll be back?. Soon.?
? Then why did you left? She had that as her worst pain ever than what she has been feeling all her life,?
?Sorry Julie, I had to leave to find help. I could not bare to loose her, not today not ever. Help me Julie please.?
?Gian. I would love to help you. So much. But the doctors have found no hope for her to have a longer life, actual this ?span? of her life has been a miracle they say most who has this sickness would die after 10 to 12 months but look at her, she mange to live 16 year.? Sigh ? so please Gian, make her feel happy again. Show your-self to her and stay till the very end. I know when that day comes it would be hard for you to let such an amazing person like her go, but at least the last of those days together would mean more than the days itself.?
?Julie, what`s wrong? What`s happening to her?? he sounded alarmed
? Just get here as soon as you can okay?! I need to go. Gian. No matter what you`d see when you get back_____ you`re the only one that could help her now. I`ll see you soon. Goodbye?
?Julie!, wait!?
I didn't waist time and rushed towards the hospital she was in just 10 blocks away from where I was waiting for a friend that I hope could help, but I understood to late. It has been ?ME? all the time that made her live a little longer. Da________ it took me a few minutes to finally get to where she should be and opened the door to see her breathing and alive___ but the heaven`s got to be crewel. All I ask is a little more time to be with her , just one more day to make her feel happy. It`s what she deserves the most. ?Happiness?
There lying on her bed, replacing her warm presence was a pile pink doll. Though they have similarities. She (doll) feels nothing like her, she was cold, life less and unwanted. But Prai was warm, full of life, her presence makes you feel grateful, and most of all she was on of a kind. But now that she has gone her way, continuing on up the golden stairs. I could not help my self but wish her good luck, but I could not stop the tears from flowing out.
Honestly it was killing me most of the time; seeing her gone just like that. Makes me want to wish to her to take me with you, but I guess she wouldn`t like that. Cause every time I try to take a one-way ticket to her world, I would always end up going the other way, then images of her would start showing up endlessly in my mind and makes me want to forget what I was suppose to do. I`d take it as what she`d want me to do.

TO: Prai,

Where ever you are right now, I miss you more than ever. I hope you`re doing well. Wait for me okay, cause when I get there soon when you`ll allow me, I have a lot to tell you, I know you can see it from here, but it would never hurt to hear it from me right? I hope you`re still you, the Prai that kept smiling and making my days complete. I LOVE SO MUCH and that will never change.

FROM: Gian

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Ankit says:
08 Dec, 2011 06:44 AM

Bro i assure u that u would meet prai..i cant stop my tears after reading this.bro i thought thdt i was the only heart broken but i cant imagine what u are going through but i can say one thing that ur love towards her is really true.hats off to u.

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moonlight says:
09 Dec, 2011 06:53 PM

OMGGG i cant stop crying

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Tabbi says:
14 Dec, 2011 12:19 PM

OMG i am so sorry for you i really honestly thought she was gonna live at the end but i am so sorry for you hope u are getting thro it in a positive way

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True says:
14 Dec, 2011 05:18 PM

Such a sad story.. Though wouldn't you think that Prai would want you to be happy.To marry someone to start a family? It is like the story Titanic but different. She loves that guy though he died. She end up marring and living a happy life but always had that guy in her heart. Hope you heal one day and live a happy life

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lovely says:
14 Dec, 2011 09:46 PM

i was like oh my GOD!! MAYBE THAT WAS part of God's plan for both of you...i always found my self crying every tym i read be strong...

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kyzell says:
16 Dec, 2011 06:54 AM

omg!!!!!! i love the story its so sad it's making me cry :(

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kijai says:
16 Dec, 2011 06:10 PM

this story is very sad.But i think that the fact that you still have her in your heart is enough to make her happy and like the other person said she would want you to be happy .so good luck.

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belieber says:
16 Dec, 2011 06:54 PM

wow this made me relise if gain went through all that .. how many people have to go through that every day . hope you will always have her in your heart

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trixie says:
16 Dec, 2011 10:01 PM

oh how sad!!ur story with prai make me cry too hard>

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trixie says:
16 Dec, 2011 10:04 PM

hope u will find another girl that would luv u whatever u are as what prai did.gudluck Gian with ur new life..

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?Tiff? says:
17 Dec, 2011 08:10 AM

I felt like I was on the brink of tears but I never really did cry... :/

profile pic
touched says:
18 Dec, 2011 09:18 PM

i'm so sorry gian for what happened i hope you will be stronger after the incident and i wish you will see prai.

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Gorilla trekking says:
19 Dec, 2011 12:16 PM

thanks for sharing your story with us
God be with you

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mandy says:
21 Dec, 2011 09:51 AM

i cried. i feel bad for you. but i think that prai want you to remember her in your heart and try to get over it and find another girl. i know you will find a girl like prai. i hope you all the. est.

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Kush says:
26 Jan, 2012 05:32 PM

OMG! OMG! I cant stop crying! This is like the saddest story! Dude Take Care! You will be fine soon! :)
God Bless You Both! =)

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Kedeh Idoak says:
19 Feb, 2012 03:40 PM

Omg....I hope your doing fine now..It's better to move on slowly one step at a time I mean....take care..and if you still need help we are all here to help and share what we think might be helpful..Your new friend Kedeh Idoak @

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Insight Safari Holidays says:
13 Jun, 2012 04:29 PM

That's a sad story that has left me shading tears.Life is not a simple road but hang in there.God will help you so soon.

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Tammy says:
21 Oct, 2012 12:10 PM

It has been days since I've started reading this story, and I can't stop my self from crying. Coz some how I can relate to him. This has been sad and painful for him, but I think it's time that you move on and find someone that can remind you of her. Good luck, and love this girl the way you loved prai.

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Nikita says:
30 Nov, 2012 04:51 PM

I know how you feel.I have this fear that no one will ever love me.Death is not an option fore i promised a friend i wouldnt die of unnatural causes.I always have this feeling in my chest its a mixture of all the emotions in the world.Its a hard burden to carry but i do i cry evert night.My mom died and i lost it,there is life then death eternal.I live death and its so hard to go on.I have no one to rely on,all my family see's is the mirror image of my mother.I have to be her,i look like her to much to be me.Its all about life in death.

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jessie says:
06 Feb, 2013 08:31 AM

i cant stop myself from crying,,,,am so sorry for u its so painful.

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priya says:
22 Jun, 2014 06:27 PM

Hey gian we all knw u did everything to make her happy but now its time u move on widur life n find a gal n marry her coz dis is life n u hav to accept it ok n alld very best for ur future. God bless u n b strong n take care

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Erica says:
07 Jan, 2017 05:54 PM

I cried sooo much until tears nearly broke my computer Prai will always be there with you i assure you that.. :)

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