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20 Jul, 2015 10:52 PM

It may seem like I'm always happy, but what no one does know is that anyone can fake a simple smile. My name is Kate, I am 15 years old. Many people say that young people cannot be depressed which is a clear lie. I'm young and I'm, well, I guess yeah I am depressed. Every morning I lie in my bed, blankly staring at my ceiling wondering what it'd be like if I was gone. Wouldn't it be fun to die? I sleep most of the time because I don't understand why anyone would want to get up and do anything. Some people ask me if Ive ever cut. I always answer no. But that's a lie too. My hands are full of scars and I don't regret anything. I want to tell you a part of my life which kind of got me thinking. Let's move back to when I was 13.

I strolled along the school hallway getting shoved and pushed from side to side. I never was popular. I never was liked. I had One friend, my dog. And I guess my mum sometimes, if she wasn't out partying and drinking and having, she'd be a great mother. Anyway, I walked along the hallway until I reached my destination, my locker. I opened it and found a small note.
'Its beautiful. Sometimes I wonder, what it looks like in reality. I bet its even more beautiful. I will find out One day. ~Unknown'

I stared at it after reading it. I didn't understand what it meant, but whatever it was, I hid it in my pocket safely. A small teardrop rolled down my cold cheek. I wiped it off. I still didn't understand why anyone would want to live such a life like this. I wondered what the world looked like of someone else's point of view.
That night, I was in bed but I couldn't sleep. I turned from side to side to get into a comfortable position but it was impossible. I sighed. My left leg moved and reached the floor as my right leg followed. I walked over to my bag. I took the note out and walked back over to the bed. I read it slowly trying to catch up with every word I'm saying. What's beautiful? Reality? What? None of it made sense. I put it under my pillow and fell asleep.

Next morning I woke up and realised the note was gone. Instead, on its place was a golden ring. It was beautiful. It was pure blinding. I touched it with my weak fingers. It was so hard but so soft. I didn't know how it appeared there.
The next day when I went to school, I saw a teenage boy looking and smiling at me. He was cute, I had to admit. I smiled back. I turned away to look at the noise on the road. But when I turned back at him, he was gone. I felt my heart being ripped and torn apart. From then, my depression has become stronger and more painful.

~Weronika Szpak

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samantha green says:
22 Aug, 2015 03:57 AM

i love this story, i love it. keep holding on, youre not alone. that boy i mean the one from the story, he'll comeback, if he hasnt already. this is a true story and i love youre words.

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TheSilentOne says:
22 Aug, 2015 05:46 PM


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Kelly says:
22 Aug, 2015 05:55 PM

Heyy :) I love your story it was amazing. I leaving something rn (long story) but reading ur story it made me think so much. Honestly if u need to talk or anything you can add me on snapchat : kelly.momo1 I dont know u but all be happy to be here for u if u need anything.

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Weronika says:
23 Aug, 2015 02:33 PM

@Samantha Green
Thank you for your comment, the truth is in reality, I'm only 12. I really wish to be a writer when I'm older. Thank you so much.

Thank you, It's nice to know someone is speechless over my work, thank you.

Sure, I'll add you on snapchat and thanks for help. Thank you soooo much.

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Ritz says:
24 Aug, 2015 04:16 PM

Maybe that boy is an ANGEL.who came to give u one cheerful life

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Ashley says:
27 Aug, 2015 12:15 PM

This is a good story but I was kinda confusing but bye..

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ms.understood says:
27 Aug, 2015 04:23 PM

everything is going 2 be okaa!!!!!

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sadie says:
31 Aug, 2015 03:09 AM

this shows us there is someone worth living for i hope everyone finds there person

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sadie says:
31 Aug, 2015 03:09 AM

this shows us there is someone worth living for i hope everyone finds there person

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Weronika says:
04 Sep, 2015 09:02 PM

Sadie, you're right, there always is.
And Ritz, you never know, maybe he was ;)
And Ms.Understood, Lol, I hope sooooooo!!! xD Btw, this story isn't based on my life xD
And Ashley, sorry for making it confusing :\ I hope you liked it though :D

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queen.C says:
10 Sep, 2015 08:16 AM

girl thatis a miricle that has just happened to you.

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Kait says:
16 Mar, 2016 11:30 PM

Is there more..

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