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26 May, 2015 06:09 PM

I have a story. But I don't want to write it as it opens a closed chapter of my life. it lasted for a very long time and is still on going. Therefore i have decided to write a true story about many people that has been bullied. I want people to understand what we/you have been through. A shrink does not know how we feel. A mental hospital does not know how we feel. Medication does not know how we feel. they say "It takes one to know one" that is what I believe is the mental hospital, the skrink, the medication we stuff down every day.

I want the world to know how it is. I want them to actually cry over something they don't understand. I want them to cry over someone they don't know. I want them to cry because we are strong. Because we lived through the thoughest thing in the world. A bully!

Now some of you might think "You won't get far with your story", "You can't even spell", "you can't even wite your own story, why should you write ours?". That i cannot give answer to. That I have not thought of. I dont live life like there is no tomorrow. I live Life like there is no next hour, ONLY this hour.
Now you might say: Loser, faggot, bitch. Go ahead I've been called worse. How does a phsycopathic killer from hell sound? Or the Devil's daugther?

When life was hell to me I dugg myself into books. Big piles og books would stand by my bed at night and when my parents asked why, I would looked at them and said "What books? I only see my Life and Friends".
what annoyed me when i read the books was; there was only happy endings. the boy always got the girl or the other way around. they always made it. so i made those stories too when i grew up. I still make them, and it annoys me.

What will the story be about? It will pretty much be around 5-10 stories about teens/kids that is being bullied. there will be no happy ending. In fact there will be no ending. No promise that they will make it through life. No promise that they get all well and jolly. Just the desperation for happiness and to forget the past. I just want them (the kids/teens) to tell their story. the real story. not the one they made up to seem lost or hopeless. in the end i want thir names/alias, age and where they come from (If USA only have to use state,not town) and it will say from what time (exact time) they were bullied and when it stopped (if it stopped and how it stopped). The story will be written in Norwegian but will be translated to English. The story will be sent inn to the news paper in Norway (hopfully in the US as well).


If you want to be in the story it would mean alot to me. If you don't I totally get it :)

(Sorry if i spelled anything wrong, don't have the fancy education just yet)

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divya pratap singh says:
19 Jul, 2015 10:26 AM

That's awesome...

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Allison says:
08 Aug, 2015 05:51 AM

This is a insperation to me im gonna write my own biography because of this

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sijo says:
24 Aug, 2015 11:16 AM

nice 1

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JKL says:
15 Jan, 2016 02:34 PM

I just put one of my nicknames because i want to be anonymous. I did like this story, I love it. I immigrate from Central America to US. for reasons, but when i was going to school in central america, there were guys who used to bully me, I told the teacher many times about it, but she didn't do anything. She just told me to don't care about it. I did what she told me but that makes a lot worst. :(

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rania says:
22 Jan, 2016 03:39 PM

yeah i'd like to share mine

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Josh says:
29 Mar, 2016 04:08 AM

My name is josh and I am now 26 years old and I have lived in the U.S. (Mississippi) over half my life.
My story starts with my biological father leaving when I was 3. I remember the last thing he told me was he didn't love me anymore. This traumatized me and I did not speak for a year afterwards. Since my biological father left and took all the money we had my mother could not keep the nice two story house in a middle class sub division, so we moved to a trailer park to live in an old single wide mobile home. At this time I was now in the second grade and school went well for me. The next year we moved to Mississippi to live with my grandparents. My grandparents weren't role model grandparents, actually my grandfather was ex military and abusive and through me into walls and hit me. At school I tried to fit in and be funny this only landed me a seat at the front of the classroom where I would have a hard time seeing the assignment board. I then in the third grade had to get glasses and my parents wouldn't let me pick out the style so I ended up with some huge ugly glasses that all the kids at school made fun of. In the fifth grade I joined boy scouts because I enjoyed the outdoors but the other kids picked on me and beat me up. In the seventh grade I started playing football and working out a lot I had no interested in football I just thought it would be the manly thing to do. I got picked on really bad for several years. Bullies always pick the weakest looking person. I tried to take on a bad boy persona and I became extremely antisocial. In the ninth grade i got into my first real fight and the years of working out paid off because I beat that bullies ass. But with defeating him all of his bully friends wanted to fight to redeem their friends loss. I engaged in several fights through out my high school years which had me suspended several times and expelled once. Due to an exchange of words with the school administration I was able to return to school. By the end of high school I had fought and won against several of my bullies losing to none. My senior year I was known as someone not to be reckoned with. The only fight I would say I ever lost was to a guy who sucker punched me in the mouth and then ran at the first chance. But I did not let this hurt my pride he knows he ran to ensure his victory. I survived being bullied but it never does end I work offshore on a drilling rig and it's just like high school except I can't fight back. Being bullied has made me strong stronger than anyone who could ever try me. I have the heart and pride of a lion and I am not afraid of anything or anyone . Tho I have had psychological issues due to the events of my life I can firmly say I am a bipolar clinically depressed narsocisttic adult with A.D.D. And Anxiety as well as post traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately no medications work on me so I deal with my anger and stress myself. Someday so feel like a walking time bomb. I've been treated badly most my life and I like it that way. I need that adversity in my life it's like a fuel on my fire. I like animals they do not bully they only hunt when hungry. Humans on the other hand are a plague on this planet. So there ya go you want to know what the effects of bullying is on a person maybe that will give you a clue.

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A.B says:
20 Apr, 2016 05:28 PM

This is amazing. I hope your stories come out well so that yes you will get that higher education. I have be called names that I didn't deserve to be called but I think that the people that said them just passed it on. I believe that they have been called these names as well.

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