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My lonely life


23 Mar, 2013 04:03 AM

I would always think to myself, is it all worth it? Is it even worth trying anymore? Sometimes I just feeling running away... Far off to the distance... Where I can be alone. Every night I cry myself to sleep. I wake up with sadness written on my eyes. I go to school, get bullied, then go back home. I never had friends. I never fitted in. People just knew me as the 'lonely kid' I was perfectly fine with that name, because it was the truth. My mother died when I was born. My dad tried his best to raise me, but he just kept drinking and smoking, and gambling. Every time I go home, I see my father laying on the floor. I would always just run to my room crying. Why did God give me this life? Why do I need to suffer? I have no one... [Read More]

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Dear dad,


18 Jun, 2012 11:09 AM

Yesterday was fathers day, I was on Facebook scrolling through endless pictures of all my friends with their fathers knowing I never had that and never would. why? Because you replaced me with your new wife and kids.Its been 1 full year and you still haven't called to tell me you got married. The whole family went but no one told me. No one called saying,Hey Clarissa your dad just got married. I had to find out from my cousin through facebook 3 months AFTER you got married! I haven't talked to you for the past 3 months because I choose not to. Do you know that I went to the hospital for cutting too deep on my birthday? Did you know that I stay up all night looking at the new pictures of you and "your family". do you remember in December when I called you crying saying that... [Read More]

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Behind Blue Eyes..


14 Feb, 2012 11:22 AM

It was night time on the lake in Michigan, on the fourth of July, where the girl stood crying in the sand as she watched the beautiful fireworks sparking up all around her. Although she wasn't quite sure why, she was sad. Homesick, maybe. She had been in Michigan for about a week now and tomorrow she would have her eleventh birthday away from her South Carolina home. She loved being with her friends in Michigan, but she missed her own family. Leah dried up her cries, and went to sleep that night, only to awaken to the news that her uncle had died. It was her eleventh birthday, and here she was, in Michigan, finding out that her Uncle Scott back in South Carolina had drowned the night before. She broke. She hated everything, everyone. Her parents sent her to live with family friends because they couldn't fix her.... [Read More]

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17 Apr, 2011 01:37 PM

Life is a fragile thing. Love is one word in a vast sea of voice, and things that are spoken are not always the truth. Emotion seems to be the only thing real anymore. Please not that the story i am about to tell you is in all seriousness true. Every aspect that occurs in this story has happened to a young lady by the name of Willow Elizabeth Mitchell. Willow needs someone to hear her story. She has been hiding it from the world for so long that she could not take it anymore, and Lover Of Sadness is the perfect place for her to share it. Be warned, if you do not enjoy stories of lost love and accidents that bring even the strongest to their knees, stop reading right now. If you chose to continue, believe every word i say, for some of it is happening right... [Read More]

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The story of the emo girl


03 Sep, 2010 12:05 PM

I sit in the dark everynight pull up my sleave and look down at my cold pale arm. i have tons of cuts some new some old. I go to get the razor blade i cut over and over untill my arm goes num. I cry from the pain but i love the way it feels. i love the feel of the warm red blood driping down my arm and the feel of the stinging cold air going into my skin to heal it, but i dont want it to heal. when and if it stops bleeding i cut again almost down to the bone, I want it to keep bleeding and i want the pain to last forever. If it only would. The next day i do the same thing i get home from school sit in the dark and cut. But this time i cut my vein and... [Read More]

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