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And So I Cut Again....


24 Feb, 2014 10:44 AM

As a kid, I always wondered why people cut? What was the intrigue in it? It never made sense to me. Was it to get attention or to prove something to someone? I just couldn't understand that. Why would you want to harm yourself just because of issues that can be resolved? Why scar yourself over someone who doesn't even know it, who doesn't even care? But then one day, I grew up. I fell in love and got hurt. I then realized the appeal to cut. I have loved twice. My first love lasted for roughly 4 years or so. Getting over it felt impossible but it's true, time eventually heals everything. People say nothing can replace your first love. I disagree with them. You can fall in love again. But loving again is as good as having a death wish. When you fall in love for the second... [Read More]

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My Life Story

Sarah S

31 Mar, 2013 03:31 AM

I am 16 years old, in grade 11, and my life is messed up. It all started when I was in grade 7, when I moved back to my home town (where grown up). I was just a kid loving life, with no problems, have great friends, and just amazing life. But in grade 7, I started getting picked on. I started getting called names like fat, ugly, waste of space, etc. I honestly hated the names, I hated my life. I didn't understand why people started acting like that to me. In grade 8, last year in education school and the name calling and bulling is still going on. I never told my mom, or the teacher because I thought the name calling will get worst so I left it to myself. About half way in grade 8, I started getting stressed out, and mad at myself. I started... [Read More]

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deeanna braaten

31 Jan, 2013 04:28 PM

All I could ever want, I had it at one point in my life, but I just cant remember when. I don't know if my mom was just telling stories, or the truth. I don't know if she was just trying to make me feel better by telling me that my life was great once. I had good grades then. I didn't lie, or steal, or hurt those I loved. My mom calls it being innocent. I call it a wish, a dream, something that I wish I could be. When I was 12 I loved someone every much, but he didn't love me. He loved my auntie,and my best friend in the hole world. He tried to lie to me every day by telling me things like how he would merry me when I was old enough, and even give me the gift of bearing his child. I believed... [Read More]

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My Best Friend, The Blade


02 Nov, 2012 01:23 AM

This is going to sound so cheesy and I don't really know how to explain it so I guess I will say it...I just feel so empty and lost inside myself and I don't know why. I mean I have a great group of friends and a family who loves me and I know that some people don't even have that but I don't know why I still feel so empty and alone. It started when I started to self-harm (which I have stopped) and like any other person I thought I could trust my best friend so I told her the truth and it felt good to finally tell someone and get it off my chest, but months later I found that you cannot always trust the people you love. My so-called Best Friend had betrayed me and had told someone else my secret, but not just anyone, she... [Read More]

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Broken Hearted

Alaina Lester

09 Aug, 2012 09:51 PM

I met you on Halloween night. We had never talked before, but at that moment we talked forever. While walking down the hallways you would grab me and give me a hug, in the library you would tease me about being a nerd. A week had passed and you had asked me out and I said yes and my feelings kept growing and growing. No matter how I felt, you would help me. A month together and it felt like forever. You would hold my hand and be proud to call me your girl. We spent everyday of those first two months together, then we broke up. We stayed friends and talked forever and ever on the phone. You had gotten a new girl and it broke my heart. We stopped talking because of her. I got a new guy to see if the pain would fade. It never did.... [Read More]

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Soulmates never die


05 Aug, 2012 11:09 PM

I'm now a 16 years girl, who lives in a small town in a small country ..Being in a small town, it's worse than you people can imagine...This is a small story of my life...I was born on December after my two sisters,the fact that I was born a girl didn't liked to my family coz they wanted a boy,so when they see me they said : 'just like the others'(just like my sisters,a girl)...this fact made my life a hell..the fact that my family cried when I was born,made my heart broken and I always felt like I disappointed them for what I was...From this fact,when I was 10-14 years old I tried to be a boy by wearing my brother's clothes(the brother who was finally born)and have the behavior of a boy by doing rude things listening to rap like crazy (things that here in my town isn't... [Read More]

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Dear dad,


18 Jun, 2012 11:09 AM

Yesterday was fathers day, I was on Facebook scrolling through endless pictures of all my friends with their fathers knowing I never had that and never would. why? Because you replaced me with your new wife and kids.Its been 1 full year and you still haven't called to tell me you got married. The whole family went but no one told me. No one called saying,Hey Clarissa your dad just got married. I had to find out from my cousin through facebook 3 months AFTER you got married! I haven't talked to you for the past 3 months because I choose not to. Do you know that I went to the hospital for cutting too deep on my birthday? Did you know that I stay up all night looking at the new pictures of you and "your family". do you remember in December when I called you crying saying that... [Read More]

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Waiting for him


03 Aug, 2011 08:56 AM

This is the story of my sad sad life. In 3rd grade I met the guy of my dreams. His name was Tristan. We were at the same school for 3 years but then went different ways for middle school. Just before Christmas in 7th grade we got back in touch. We talked and emailed and finally I realized that I was in love with him. I grabbed the chance and told him in a long letter. He was shocked. Partially because no one had ever done something like that for him and partly because he had no idea how strong my feelings for him were. He became my boyfriend and we dated for 2 1/2 months. Then one day I got an email saying he needed some time to think all this out. I was crushed. About a month later he called me saying he was ready for us... [Read More]

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Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Arefeen Mansur

03 Feb, 2011 07:40 PM

Most people have occasional ups and downs in their life. I have that too. What I have is a lot more severe than just the occasional ups and downs. When some unfortunate events occur to me, I feel worthless. Changes occur to me rapidly. I loose appetite, sleep and interest on everything. Eventually, I think of cutting myself or loose hope of being alive. When I am happy, I feel like the happiest person on the earth. I feel like telling the world I am happy. Pretty sure, I have some abnormalities in me. But, am I the only one? I feel that there are other people like me who lives around me with abnormalities more or less. Cutting is an emotional disorder. I am writing today because I have suffered through it. Cutting is the intentional act of harming on oneself with or without suicidal intend. Even if it... [Read More]

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End Of The Road


18 Oct, 2010 11:31 PM

Well It All Started In The 5th Grade.. I Went Out With A Boy Named Jerral I Liked Him Alot. Like Alot.! I Was A Little Girl So I didn't Kno what Love Was But One Day Jerral Gave Me A Note Saying We Shud Break Up.. I Hid My Hurt Nd Said "I Was Gonna Break Up with You too" All Lies.! So Then I Hit 8th Grade I Moved To A New School I Knew Some People There So I Was Okay In The Social Part .. On The First Day I saw This Boy Dj He Was So Cute So Like 2Months Later I Got Put In The Same Class As Him So Slowly We Started Talking I Found Him On Myspace We Started Talking On There. I Found Out I Liked This Boy ALOT.! Then He Likes Me.! I Was Soo Happy Only The Lord Knows... [Read More]

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