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This kind of thing happened to my friend. She had gone emo because she was raped and then she got a boyfriend but was too afraid to tell him so she had to make herself seem really bad so he would break up with her. He did and she cut the word 'reject' into her arm but she cut too deep and had to be hospitalized and spent 4 months in a mental hospital. He visited her every day and left her a note. She finally read all of them and every single one said I love you. Nothing can
If this is true, I know exactly how you feel. I wasn't raped, but I was abused and I couldn't tell anyone. I was alone, afraid and unwanted. I still cringe sometimes when a certain kind of person comes near me or touches me, even in a handshake. I don't remember certain parts because of traumatic amnesia, but I have scars too.
Shania I feel for you. I understand what it's like to find something of someones that you lost. It brings a new kind of pain. It leaves a hole in your heart that can't be filled. But Cody would want you to be happy. And you better keep that ring on;) I know for a fact that Cody would always want you to have a part of him.
Kate, I am just as romantic as you are. This story is exactly, well almost exactly what happened to me. The guy I like, we can't be together for another 4 years. My dad is the same way. He loves me way too much. My guy is willing to wait and I'm glad yours is too
Thank you so much for writin this. It describes my life and what just happened to me recently. I hate when its just you doing the loving. I hate when the other person is happy and goes on with their life but you're stuck in this black pit of despair and loneliness.


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