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End Of The Road


18 Oct, 2010 11:31 PM

Well It All Started In The 5th Grade.. I Went Out With A Boy Named Jerral I Liked Him Alot. Like Alot.! I Was A Little Girl So I didn't Kno what Love Was But One Day Jerral Gave Me A Note Saying We Shud Break Up.. I Hid My Hurt Nd Said "I Was Gonna Break Up with You too" All Lies.! So Then I Hit 8th Grade I Moved To A New School I Knew Some People There So I Was Okay In The Social Part .. On The First Day I saw This Boy Dj He Was So Cute So Like 2Months Later I Got Put In The Same Class As Him So Slowly We Started Talking I Found Him On Myspace We Started Talking On There. I Found Out I Liked This Boy ALOT.! Then He Likes Me.! I Was Soo Happy Only The Lord Knows .. December 12 2009 We Dated ! Our Relationship Wasn't Serious So Like A Week During Winter Break We Broke Up . I Didn't Care.. We Dated Again Back In January. He Was Head Over Heels For Me I Wasn't As Into Him As I was When We First Started Talking So We Broke Up Once Again.. 2 months Later We Got Back Together like a month before I sent him a message on myspace Telling Him That I Miss Him and Want To Be With Him Again I told him On Myspace Because We Stopped Talking.. So We Started Talking Again Then Yea Yhu Guessed It We Got Back Together.. This Time Was Way Different.. I Fell In Love With Somebody That Didn't Care.. I Could Tell He Didn't Care Because He Didn't Call Me Our Relationship Was On Myspace ",( Ge Didn't Post Our Date On His Statues He Didn't Talk About Me At All And The Whole Time I was Loving That Boy.. I Remember Our First Kiss I Was So Happy That Day. I Even Told My Mom about Him And I don't Ever Do That This Boy Was So Special To Me.. Then June 1st @ 3:03 The Stabbing At My Heart Began " Were Just Friends" I Wanted To Cry Right in The Hallway At School But I didn't Wanna Expose My Feelings.. That Night And Every Nite Since Then I Have Cryed Hating Myself Literally. I Wanted To Die and I'v Tried.. I Used To Cut On Myself.... I Never Told Anybody Because There Quick To Judge Me .. So Now I'm Dating This Boy Tyler We've Been Threw So Much Already But I Dnt Like Hurting Him.. He Knows I'm Still In Love With Dj.. Tyler Wants me To Love Him I Know He Does But I just Can't... Before Tyler I didn't Talk To any Boys At All.. I Was And Am Too Heart Broken. I Just Treated Them Bad And I was Wrong For That.. But most Of All I wish I could Change Everything But Doesn't Everybody.? - Well Thanks For Reading My Story .. Your Comments Will Be Very Helpful. .

Tags: Heartbroken, Love, Sad, Cut
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Jonas says:
19 Oct, 2010 03:50 PM

I Fell Your Pain

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yessenia says:
28 Oct, 2010 02:01 PM

OMG!!! thts sad my story is sad too its kinda likk this but not as much

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Pratik says:
28 Oct, 2010 02:31 PM

Plz love the person who loves u not whome u luv,i know its very hard to forget someone whome u luv..but i cannot say further becoz i cannot do that..i will not try to end my life .but i will not luv or i cannot luv any other girl becoz in my heart she is the only one.

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Marina Valean says:
28 Oct, 2010 10:20 PM

Girl.. That is so sad!! Please, email me. I went thru some stuff like that.

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jereka says:
29 Oct, 2010 02:07 AM

it's sad!!!!!wel....seems lyk i hv been thru lyk dis only..n wt pratik said is absolutely corrct.....u shud try n luv bck 2 tyler n jst try 2 frgt dj k.....mail me if u wnt any help k

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agirl says:
29 Oct, 2010 11:24 AM

ellie may stubbs?

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A'Naiya says:
29 Oct, 2010 05:03 PM

OMG same names, same feelings, same story. only thing iz i cant have Tyler, he's with Taylor. what i kno iz u need to get over anybody that doesnt love you. i did it. well half way im still in this little love triangle but im almost done with it. STAY STRONG

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shivani says:
30 Oct, 2010 08:30 AM

hey..u have to be strong..
just be happy wid tylor
v shud stay with that who loves us not the person to whom we love

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afrodite says:
31 Oct, 2010 12:32 PM

ok well it seems to me that all you need to really learn to do is move on things happen t people all the time and olny becase of those things that happen does not mean that you have to ruin your life for them so just take the advice and move on

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Linda says:
02 Nov, 2010 02:43 PM

hey sis :)
you know i went thru the same situation... i know how hard it is too choose aye..but you have to let go and focus on one of you crushes k..choosing a boy its easy for a girl..ut you have to pick the rite one and that rite one will love you nomatter wat happen to yoou..REMEMBER DONT MARIIED THE ONE YOU LOVE MARRY THE ONE YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT..that wat my dad yous to say to me when he sees me heart broken nad he can tell when im feeling lonely...Girl you can do better k you just have to trust youasefl and be yourself..

mail me if you want to tak ?

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Bianca says:
26 Oct, 2011 07:04 PM

OMG this is so sad i thik that u should go with tyler and get over dj i think tyler would be better with him honey i hope it turns out

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