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Broken Hearted

Alaina Lester

09 Aug, 2012 09:51 PM

I met you on Halloween night. We had never talked before, but at that moment we talked forever. While walking down the hallways you would grab me and give me a hug, in the library you would tease me about being a nerd. A week had passed and you had asked me out and I said yes and my feelings kept growing and growing. No matter how I felt, you would help me. A month together and it felt like forever. You would hold my hand and be proud to call me your girl. We spent everyday of those first two months together, then we broke up.

We stayed friends and talked forever and ever on the phone. You had gotten a new girl and it broke my heart. We stopped talking because of her. I got a new guy to see if the pain would fade. It never did. I ended it with him after two months because I couldn't stop thinking of you. When you had found out you had finally decided to tell me you and your girl were over. You asked me back out and I said yes. I was so happy with you and I never wanted it to end. A month passed, it was valentines day, you gave me a kiss and wrote me a letter. I loved you with everything I had. I trusted you. Another month and you turned 16. Another week and the dreadful day came.

I slept on your couch with a movie playing. Only to wake with you on top of me and penetrating me. I cried and you were startled. you kept going a little more then finally pulled out. I cried my eyes out and I was forced to be with you the whole night. Scared to tell anybody. We were together for a total of 4 months and you ruined it. You broke my heart and took advantage. Now I can never feel the same about you, and I will never be able to trust again. I told the counselor and you spread a rumor around school. My life was trashed because you were a betrayer. I cut and overdosed because of you. I wanted to end my life and never feel again. I ended up pregnant with your baby. Then I had the miscarriage. I sliced my wrist open and prayed to die. I didn't and now I have to live with this pain and betrayal for as long as I live.

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munira says:
27 Dec, 2012 04:30 PM

hy it actuly hppnd...? dats to said... bt yea i mst sy move on... n frgt ua past n make aa bttr future...

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sharmin says:
28 Dec, 2012 04:12 PM

yup munria is rite u shouldnt let the past ruin ur future move on girl theres the one guy for out there n u will never find out who it is if u dont move on ....

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niah says:
30 Dec, 2012 11:34 AM

ohhhh darling.....U cant live like that forever ...move on and love your blessing from GOD...everything has been planned by GOD trust him!!!

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sasha says:
30 Dec, 2012 10:33 PM

oh my! darling 4get about that guy. guys like that dont last long in the world. a girls gonna come and hurt him worst than how he hurt you. continue praying but pray for god to help you. grow your child to be the person their dad wasnt

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hitesh says:
01 Jan, 2013 06:40 PM

firstly i told u dear if one way is close then another tow ways are open at a time .
u should talk with him one more time , god's knows if he is
and one more thing
this our life and only we r responsible for all this no one resp,,,,,
we can make our life good or bad .

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clydether says:
04 Feb, 2013 10:21 AM

.. never trust anyone too much..

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Mee says:
21 Sep, 2016 03:52 AM

Dang I have been reading these all night and now I can never trust a guy again.

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