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Dear dad,


18 Jun, 2012 11:09 AM

Yesterday was fathers day, I was on Facebook scrolling through endless pictures of all my friends with their fathers knowing I never had that and never would. why? Because you replaced me with your new wife and kids.Its been 1 full year and you still haven't called to tell me you got married. The whole family went but no one told me. No one called saying,Hey Clarissa your dad just got married. I had to find out from my cousin through facebook 3 months AFTER you got married! I haven't talked to you for the past 3 months because I choose not to.

Do you know that I went to the hospital for cutting too deep on my birthday? Did you know that I stay up all night looking at the new pictures of you and "your family". do you remember in December when I called you crying saying that I loved you and that I was sorry for cutting myself but all you did was call me a pathetic cutter. Mom was there through it all she's the one who took me to the counselor to get help she's the one who hugged me when she found me slicing my upper arm. Remember when I got the award for highest reading level, wait no you don't you weren't there. I don't care if you hate me but promise to never hate my brother. He's done nothing wrong he's innocent in everything.

Dad you left me in some of my darkest moment like the night I attempted to overdose you. Dad you're the reason for all of this I thought maybe if I died, you would care about me for once but I guess not. All I ever asked of you was for you to love me to be the dad I always wanted but you don't want to. Do you remember dad the day you left us? The day where I stood up against the chain link fence banging against it begging you not to go? I remember getting the skinned knees from when I opened the fence and ran after the car but fell down you never turned back. Dad I love you even though you replaced me. I love you even though you called me pathetic. Why do I still love you?... because you're my dad.

Dad this letter is one you probably never will see; its a letter of me saying goodbye and not looking back just like you never looked back on me.
Love Clarissa.

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Carolina says:
18 Dec, 2012 05:54 AM

Stay strong, and you should e-mail this to your dad

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mansi says:
24 Jan, 2013 07:55 PM

im really sorry for you and you know that my dad left me [11] ,my mum,my sister [14] and my brother [7]. i feel sorry for my brother because he never got to experience the love of a dad to a son and im sorry brother that you never could. i wish he could read this but he may not because he's little but when he will get older i will show him this and Clarissa remember this that everything happens for a reason and behind the pain and darkness there will be sunshine and it will come soon to you so don't worry and remember always smile because that smile will get you forward in life a lot but the sadness wont

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rodzie says:
08 Jan, 2014 12:27 PM

yeah.. you know, we do have the same situation and i also have a brother..
please stay strong as i am also doing now.

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mitchel says:
04 Jan, 2015 01:38 AM

i got to say that Jesus that was deep
i don't know you and you don't know me but thats okay i just got one thing to say to you really are a strong person am weak i stopped caring for anyone but you didnt and that is so unusual for a weak person

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unknown says:
01 Dec, 2015 04:59 AM

I understand how you feel my dad does this to me I understand the deep pain that is making you feel this way every since my dad got remarried he disowned me after he stop spending time with me because I tried to kill myself I had no one but my mom because she said as long as me and her are together nothing and nobody could stop us my mom was the one who didn't want to send my away to military school my dad did because he didn't want a usable child.So please don't feel like your alone because there are other people like you and me out.

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Natalia Fa'apouli Lutu says:
16 Feb, 2016 04:18 AM

hey, be strong. your story bought me in Tears.i understand how you feel. a=i know it hurts and you got to do is Pray!

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