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deeanna braaten

31 Jan, 2013 04:28 PM

All I could ever want, I had it at one point in my life, but I just cant remember when. I don't know if my mom was just telling stories, or the truth. I don't know if she was just trying to make me feel better by telling me that my life was great once. I had good grades then. I didn't lie, or steal, or hurt those I loved. My mom calls it being innocent. I call it a wish, a dream, something that I wish I could be. When I was 12 I loved someone every much, but he didn't love me. He loved my auntie,and my best friend in the hole world. He tried to lie to me every day by telling me things like how he would merry me when I was old enough, and even give me the gift of bearing his child. I believed... [Read More]

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A Chance...


31 Jul, 2010 12:32 AM

When I came back to school last year as a freshman in high school, I was greeted with many surprises. There were plenty of new faces and some old ones that had changed quite a bit since I last saw them. Out of everyone else, his change shocked me the most. He was taller, his hair was longer, his glasses were absent, and his clothes, were admittedly, a lot less outdated. He seemed more eager to socialize and was a lot more approachable than he had been in middle school. He, well... intrigued me. We started talking. We got to know each other. He got me addicted to hockey, and I got him to joke around, despite his usual uptight attitude. By December, he was my closest guy friend. By December, he had also rocketed up to the very top of my recent infatuations. I had never saw any of... [Read More]

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