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There's a boy for every girl

The broken girl

23 May, 2015 01:17 PM

There's a girl for every boy. They don't know it but they're right there in front of them. When they find out....sometimes its to late but other times it isn't. Here's my story, of a girl who found it the other way around. There's a boy for every girl. When I met my boy bud I didn't know what I had in store. When I first saw him I thought," Hey he's cute." Then in health one day when I was with my friend she introduced me to him. If you can call that an introduction.;)It's like somehow he knew instantly. He started following me around when I was with my friend. It didn't last that long and it was minor but he still was happy and playful around me. He would pass me and pretend I tripped him and other things like that but then just two months ago... [Read More]

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Impossible school love (part 1)

Lonely Penny

11 Oct, 2014 02:23 AM

I was silently sits on my chair, writing on my sheets on paper while the teacher was talking about the Geographic Region of Montreal. I look at my right hand, which was holding my pencil; on my hand, I have wrote "depression hurts but it's the only thing that keeps me alive until you love me <//3" in black, blue and red pen, with some sad faces. It was true, after all… I just see myself like a tall teenage girl with very short red/blond hairs, shaved on one side with a long fringe that hides my left eye and my forehead covered with small scars; a scary white face who always seems unhappy; two brown eyes always full of water, like if I could cry to every single words; a really good pair of boobs, that every perverts likes; a little round belly because of my few small extra... [Read More]

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The Oblivious


09 Jan, 2013 06:37 AM

I suppose in my life, I've been pretty lucky. I live in a house, I have dogs and friends and I go to school. Yet, as many people do, I looked for more. I yearned for danger and not the infinity of routine. A boy met me, and I met him. The next 5 years were hectic because we were oblivious to the fact that we were not a compatible couple, or even friends really. We were destructive and abusive in so many ways. We were never even officially a couple, we were people who loved each other but couldn't stand commitment. He fell in love with another woman, I fell in love with another man. We drifted after awhile, though I should have seen love cannot drift so easily, but I was naive. Even though we saw other people, we still loved each other. By coincidence we saw each... [Read More]

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Diary of a growing boy

Nathan Jacobs

26 Dec, 2012 02:09 PM

The only story I'll ever tell will be my own, the way I felt and never could tell..............(this is written right out of my brother journal, my brother always wanted to publish his life story) If only one second I could take back it could have changed my life and I would have changed it a million times over. the day when I realized its to late. I start this story at the age of 10, I didn't want to go to school like always but only for the soul purpose to not get into some sort of trouble with teachers and students alike. My mom couldn't handle me and my step dad only knew to beat me when nothing else he could do would help. My grandparents took me away and said not another day will I live with all my family again. Not realizing what I had just... [Read More]

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Death v.s. patience


26 Apr, 2011 10:38 PM

So a boy was in love with this girl for years, but they didn't go out. He decided to finally tell her how he felt, she said she liked him too but she only said that cause she didn't want to be mean. And he knew he was no doubt in love with her, but she just couldn't understand it. NOTHING else in the world ever made him as happy as she did. One day, the boy asked the girl out, she said she would, but she's going through a lot at the time and she's not ready for a relationship which was only an excuse. The boy understood and was okay with waiting for her cause he knew she was worth the wait. Just a few days after this, she got together with another guy. The other boy was furious, and asked her why she did that, she wouldn't... [Read More]

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