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I Wanted You


19 May, 2018 06:03 AM

I was abused physically and sexually when I was younger. I felt no love from either of my parents due to this and I decided to isolate myself. I had no true friends at school I would feel comfortable talking to about these things, so I took my sadness to the online community. I stumbled and fell trying to find the right site to express myself, and ended up on xat. It was a random room, filled with words and names flying by. A girl with the screen name Puppy messaged me, and she asked what my name was. I am a guy, and I have always identified as one. In that moment, I decided to reply that my name was Kate. Girls were more popular, more likable, able to make friends. That's how I always saw it, anyways. Puppy and I became close quickly, and she introduced me to... [Read More]

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You promised...

Jordan Stacy

16 Mar, 2018 03:18 AM

I don’t know if you would call it love. Or a relationship. I don’t know. But all I know is that this boy made me feel safe, wanted and loved. But he lied. I was 12 year old girl, long ish brown hair, depressed, suicidal, self harmer. I was in 6 grade. I wasn’t very popular. I was popular to the bullies cause they like picking on me. They knew my father left me when I was a baby, they had two parents so they laughed at me for that and my weight. One day tho, It was Nov 30, 2013 or 14. My best friend at the time Courtney stayed with me on the weekends. We went on Omegle like we do every time she comes down. She would always find someone, date for a week then find someone else but me... I didn’t. I was the ugly friend... [Read More]

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13 Nov, 2014 01:42 AM

Well, let me start of with ages. I'm Brook and i'm 14 at this time, and Will was 18. Four years apart, not too bad. We started talking in July of 2013. We met on a website called "omegle" basically, you connect with strangers who share common interests and hopefully build conversations. I still remember our very first conversation. "M or F," -Will "F, you?" - Me "M." -Will "Cool." -Me -- Haha! Soo romantic. But, we weren't into relationships then and there seeing he was from North Carolina and I'm from Ohio. We basically started talking nonstop for months on end. He soon enough became my best-friend. We would come to one another and vent about anything really. He was a total sweetheart and i actually started to like him. There wasn't a day we didn't talk honestly. We haven't heard each other's voice or actually skyped and i... [Read More]

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I'll Never Let Go

Nithrodal Eveningstar

04 Mar, 2013 02:39 AM

Prompt: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart. "Hello." That's how it all started. Hello. He smiled, eyes taking in the sight of the girl in front of him. Messy, curly, brown hair, tan skin, white shirt, denim shorts, brown Asian eyes. She was nothing special. But he memorized the moment. She smiled back, confused at why her heart was beating so fast, "Hello..." She looked down at the ground, too scared to look up at the boy. She took note of his shining blonde hair and gray eyes as she fought the blush threatening to creep to her face. He memorized that too. That's how it started. A meeting of two strangers. Both oblivious to what they started by just saying hello... She laughed brightly, amused at the boy trying his best to make her... [Read More]

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My "One That Got Away"


26 Nov, 2012 06:38 AM

So, get this. I was sitting around my house, listening to sad songs that any other time would make me cry. Why did I want to cry? Because of the worst mistake I have ever made and how numb I had come to most everything in my life. Here is my story (perhaps it's not the saddest, but I think that maybe if I just tell someone I'll maybe be able to actually feel something again besides depression, and since I'm too embarrassed about it to tell anyone in public, why not tell people who have no idea who I am, right?) BEWARE: I'm Pouring my heart out right now so it will be long. Don't feel obligated to read it all. But if you do, I hope you learn from my mistake. So, I've always been a shy person, I'm not the popular kid at school. Don't get me... [Read More]

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18 Nov, 2012 04:43 AM

I met her exactly 2 and a half years ago. I was going through a rough time. I was addicted to drugs and on top of that I was drinking heavily. I met this girl, we talked once in a while. I didn't pay much attention to her till we talked a lot more often. Something made me smile, she never judged me in any way. I remember her and I just started to talk about each others problems in everyday life. She seemed to care for me when I vented to her. I started to smile whenever I caught myself thinking about her. We started sending texts to each other more often. Although on my own time I was having more problems happening around me due to my addictions. I couldn't handle it anymore. During the time she moved to her dads which was down in the states. (I... [Read More]

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A love that could (never) be


10 Aug, 2010 12:37 AM

I've been getting bored a lot with life and thing's. It felt like there was nothing to do... One day I found this site on my cellphone and decided to try it out. I signed up and immediately started getting messages and I was replying. This one guy really stood out from the rest, he was really sweet and never said anything bad about anything. Which made me think "is he really this way?" We've been talking for awhile and About a month or so later... He asked me out, and stupidly, I said yes. Even though he was from Nevada and I am from London Ontario. So it was like a long distance relationship. We were going strong and he always made me happy. He never failed to not put a smile on my face. He made me blush with his words... and I fell for him so hard... [Read More]

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