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BTW I dont think i'll ever forget him he left his mark in my heart its gonna stay there... like a scar... but he didn't break my heart its still beating just love him too much
Thanks for the advice and opinions they mean alot... im glad that There are other ppl not just me who experienced sumthin like this... not glad that ur hurt though... I found out he was with other girls too, i called him a player, and he was like "no i only love u" but when he didnt wanna deal with me he just start ignoring me and let me cry... Then i guess when he would do that i'd say i was sorry for calling him all this other stuff... But he was so nice, NEVER got mad at me...
i say u dont date him anymore cuz he reminds me of boys and girls around here... they break up n get back together all the time... which is stupid cuz thats only bcuz they dont like bein single... well teach him a lesson and say no to him... he dont sound worth it