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the third chance will he hurt me again..??


01 Aug, 2010 05:45 PM

My name is Jaquee am 13 yrs old. My story is long sorry... AND has some bad language. Comment when done reading. This is a true story.
It started in 7th grade. Johnny wasnt the kinda guy I'd fall for or go out with. But he was taken by my friend Leslie. They broke up because they wanted to stay friends. He started saying Sh** about Leslie. She was my friends and i couldnt see her take this so i slapped him. From that day forward Johnny and i started to hang out. I was falling for him to fast. My sis well best friend told him tat i liked him, which was true but i kept on telling them we were friends and it was gonna stay that way. That same day we had to sit outside of the class room to read since we were ahead of the class in a book.
" Jaquee is it true that you like me? because if so we cant be friends" he asked.
" No...i have a boyfriend and not in a million years would i go out wit yuh." i lied
" oh okay. We still friends?" he said. He broke my heart it hurt so bad i just kept quite for a little while.
" we were never friends." i lied. i couldnt take it anymore and went inside of the classroom. A few days later we started to talk again. We were in p.e flirting like always. My friend takes him away and i start shooting hoops. We left without saying a word when we were in language arts it was almost time to go and he hadn't had said nothing. the bell was about to ring when he came over. We looked in eachothers eyes but then i looked away.
"Hey Jaquee. They told me you wrote poems. And Nina has showed me some they are prety good. You should be a poet." he said.
"I dont think so i got a few from them from the internet. But Ummm thanks i guess" i relpied laughin at him.
" Will You go OUt with Me??" he said. we starred into eacothers eyes. i couldnt believe this was this a joke or a bet.
" YOu said you didnt like me like that remember" i replied lookin at my notebook.
"I do..its just that i was nervous that you didn like me like that." johnnny said.
" let me think about it" i said and left since the bell rang. As soon as i got out i started to look for my other friend Celeste. I found her and told her everyting. the bell was about to ring to go to class she whispered in my ear that she was gnna tell him i said yes eventhough i hadnt decided i was gnna chase after her but didnt. We were both shy so we really didnt do much jst talk. It was three weeks in our reaktionship when some friends told me that he was cheating on me . That same day i found out my cousin had died. he broke up wit me and i couldnt stop crying. The next day one of my guy friends told me that johnny had already another girl. I asked my teacher to go to my locker buti ran to my homeroom teacher she was like my second mom. i told her evrything and told me everything was goin to be alright. he wasnt the right one for me. evryday i saw him with her i tried not to cry. my friends would tell me to kick her A** but i wouldnt i wasnt gnna show him tat i was jealous or anythin. We would both flirt on myspace eventhough he had her. 2 months later it was summer. we were both talking on myspace.
johnny- hey jaquee do you still love me?
me- To tell you the truth i still love you.
johnny- look i still love you too am gnna break up wit my gf to be wit yuh if you want to
me-i guess so..
I was so happy we were both going out again. the next week on friday i invited him to watch a movie with him and some friends. i got there late because my friend's ride left so we had to get another friend to take us. when we got there we decided to watch another movie later. Johnny was already watching a movie so i didnt know if he would be able to watch another one wit me. He looked so hot to me. he was wearing a hat. i loved that hat it but didnt tell him. Johnny had told my friend he had a crush on her 3 months ago thats when i fett like i was dying so i hoped his feelings for her left. He had invited two of his friends to watch the movie wit us. my friends left me to be with their bfs. that was the best night ive ever had wit him. He asked me to go sleep over at his house but i didnt my mother just let me see a movie not to sleep at anyone's house that night. Our relationship was going really good it was almost gnna be a month. He broke up wit me for no reason at all. my world was falling again.but i pretended to be happy and we stayed friends. everyday i cried myslef to sleep thinking bout him. about a week later i kept on talking to his best friend he thought i was flirting wit him but i wasnt. the next day he asked me if he had a chance wit me i didnt want him be sad so i said i had to think about it. then he told me it was really johnny talking not his best friend.. my friend Celeste was there wit me. i didnt wanna talk to him and let her talk to him . she said that he was worthless a piece of trash that didnt deserve my love. he told her that he was..and that he broke up wit me because his sister told him i was talking sh** bout him. i told him that i loved him and id never do that. that same day my sis /bestfriend was mad at me which upset me cuz it was a stupid reason. i was talking to johnnys bestfriend. i told himi had alot of problems he htough i was talking bout johnny which was kinda true. he told me to talk to him so i did...Johnny and i were talking bout my sis/bestfriend..he told me that he would leave me alone so he wouldnt be another problem in my life..i wanted to scream and tell him he wasnt but since we were chating i told him that he was never gnna be a problem he told me he wanted to go back out and since i love him i said far its almost gnna be a week this wednesday on my b-day!! am so happy..
plz comment.

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izzy says:
04 Aug, 2010 09:27 PM

im sorry to say this but he is gnna break ur heart again!!!!!!!
i had a boyfriend wit the same personality he asked me da second time i said yes( i found him kissing another girl) the 3 time welll there was no 3 time nd i still love him even though its been one year nd im goin out wit a diferent guy cnt i go out wit a guy but luv another?

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Ivy says:
04 Aug, 2010 11:08 PM

ive been in that position multiple times before...
its not fun...
but at least he admited he was trash(:

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cindy says:
05 Aug, 2010 01:18 AM

Hi! this is just my opinion but Johnny sounds like a player and y u keep going out with him when he keeps dumping u? i know u love him but u know, the world is full of boys and you are too good for Johnny

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Summer says:
06 Aug, 2010 01:16 AM

That was stupid.

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emory says:
07 Aug, 2010 02:24 AM

In all honesty, i think the whole situation is f**king stupid, he is using you as a fall back girl when he has nothing else. if you dont see that then you are blind.

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Victoria Black <3 says:
07 Aug, 2010 06:35 PM what do you think about my problem? By the way, I'm really sorry to say this, but I think he's gonna break up with you,im really sorry..plz comment on

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Janae says:
10 Aug, 2010 01:28 AM

i say u dont date him anymore cuz he reminds me of boys and girls around here... they break up n get back together all the time... which is stupid cuz thats only bcuz they dont like bein single... well teach him a lesson and say no to him... he dont sound worth it

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Jaquee says:
17 Aug, 2010 05:36 PM

Eveyone thx for the advice..Except For Summer if tats all your gnna say then dnt say anythin...i broke up wit him am tired of gettin hurt am still trying to get over him...but its to hard..And Yea i am blind cuz i love him..and many ppl or tat and so wat we all make mistakes

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Victoria Black <3 says:
18 Aug, 2010 01:44 AM

ummm..yea we all do make mistakes, and i think, that when we love someone in our teenage years, we're totally blind! and i like the fact that YOU broke up with HIM! WAY TO GO!

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Mitchie says:
01 Sep, 2010 09:26 PM

DUMP HIM! Show him how it feels. I know you love him but her doesnt deserve your love

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