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I'll Never Let Go

Nithrodal Eveningstar

04 Mar, 2013 02:39 AM

Prompt: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart.

That's how it all started. Hello. He smiled, eyes taking in the sight of the girl in front of him. Messy, curly, brown hair, tan skin, white shirt, denim shorts, brown Asian eyes. She was nothing special. But he memorized the moment. She smiled back, confused at why her heart was beating so fast, "Hello..." She looked down at the ground, too scared to look up at the boy. She took note of his shining blonde hair and gray eyes as she fought the blush threatening to creep to her face. He memorized that too. That's how it started. A meeting of two strangers. Both oblivious to what they started by just saying hello...

She laughed brightly, amused at the boy trying his best to make her smile. She'd always laugh for him. And it was perfect: he so dearly wanted her to smile for him. Her eyes brightened whenever she smiled, and he noticed how she put her hand in front of her mouth every time she laughed, hiding her giggles. He lightly pushed her hand down, chuckling, and he uncovered the smile hiding behind her hand. Gasping, she looked down again, not wanting to meet his eyes- but he had already locked the smile she had for him in his memory. I want to see you smile...

They had no idea what they were getting into. The two were naive to what could happen. But neither of them wanted to stop...Clear gray eyes gazed down at her. But she was looking at something else. Dark blue water shone across from them-the ocean, glittering and reflecting the moon in its surface. Curly hair flipped wildly in the wind, and she involuntarily shivered. She wanted him to put his arms around her, and she blushed when she even thought of the idea. She was much too shy to look for a hug. But she looked to him anyways, surprised when she saw him watching her. It was the first time she looked at him in the eyes, and her breath hitched in the back of her throat. She never thought she saw eyes like his. You could see so much in his eyes. She froze in that moment, trapping the picture of the taller blonde, hair swept to the side and glittering eyes meeting her brown ones. She gave a nervous laugh, and clutched to the railing. You're so perfect, she thought, cursing her awkwardness. She didn't know that he was still looking at her, with a look that promised he'd never forget her. He just wanted her in his arms...One look sealed their fate. They couldn't forget each other now. Two hearts...She couldn't believe how perfectly she fit in his arms. They were hugging, finally, the gesture feeling natural and so... Right. All he had to do was pull her closer, and they would fit perfectly. Like pieces of a puzzle. They both held back how much they wanted to just squeeze the other, scared of making the other uncomfortable. The hug lasted no more than a few seconds, but it made hearts beat faster and he hesitatingly let go, marking the moment in his mind. Neither could describe how they felt, minds already remembering just the night before how they almost kissed. She remembered now, how close he was, nervousness evident in her movements. She felt so foolish, not knowing what to do, and she was almost sure he could hear how fast her heart was beating. They almost had their perfect moment. Almost. She gave a small smile at the boy, who went to sit back down. Maybe it was only a hug, but it was just enough...

It could have ended there. But they said Hello and already made each other smile. She was convinced he was perfect and he couldn't help but think it was so right for her to be in is arms. 1,500 miles though... That's a long way...

"Hey... Guess what?" He mumbled, sleepily.
He didn't want to stop talking to her though. Even if it was 3am in the morning. A soft voice answered him, "what?" He rolled over and whispered, "I love you." There was a pause through the phone, and for a second he thought she hung up. Then he heard a giggle, "I love you too." He smiled and she continued, "If I gave you my heart... Will you promise not to break it?" He chuckled, and she was afraid that he thought she was being silly. "I promise." It continued like that. It's not like either of them could do anything else, yet even these calls in the middle of the night made them fall harder and harder for each other. But the more you love someone, the more they hurt you.

"You promised!" she cried through the phone
His heart clenched, knowing that her tears were made because of him. "I know... I know... And I always will love you!" He pressed, trying to make her smile again. He knew it wouldn't work. "You're lying. You never cared you just... You're lying!" "I never lied to you! I always meant it! I still mean it!" She sniffled, angry at herself for falling in love with him. "Then why do you want to hurt me?" He had no answer for her. Silent tears streaked her cheeks and she buried her head in her pillow. "Hey... You're still my beautiful little Asian... I still love you..." She responded, voice shaking, "And I love you too... So so so much..." Her voice cracked and before he could say anything she continued, "I'll always be here for you... Goodnight." And she hung up, curling herself into a ball and crying until she fell asleep.

Yet no matter how much she hurt, she found herself wanting to be with him even more. No matter how much he tried to stay away, he just wanted to be with her and make her happy. They were too much in love. They were laughing, cares out the window when they found each other talking once again. They continued laughing, and when they finally stopped, he sighed, "God, I love you..." Everything became quiet. "Why do you keep doing this to me?" He replied instantly, "Because I can't stop loving you." She sighed, "You're making this difficult for the both of us." "Just say it back to me." "No." "Please! You don't know how much you mean to me... I do love you!" "... Good night." "I love you!" "... I love you too..." She hung up and he growled, wanting to call her again. Instead he threw the phone to the side, and shoved his head in his pillow, suddenly feeling very depressed. It's like they couldn't stop saying it to each other. She was addicted to him, and he never wanted her to stop saying it. There was no turning back...

"You don't understand!" He yelled through the phone. "Don't understand what?! I'm only second best for you! I've always been second best! I'm ALWAYS the second choice!" she screamed back, unwilling to back down from her accusation. "YOU'RE NOT TO ME." He growled, "I fucking love you!" She hissed back, "Don't say things you don't mean to me. It only hurts me more." "Listen to me, goddamnit! I. Fucking. Love. You." He angrily hit the headboard of his bed. "... No you don't..." She mumbled, quietly, scared of getting him more angry. "You mean everything to me. Don't you realize that?" She was quiet. "You are my everything, you've always been my everything, and I swear, I think I fell in love with you the day I saw you. You're not the second choice. I love you too much for that to be true. I love you, I want you, and I need you." She hugged her pillow desperately, as if she could be hugging him, "I... I love you too..."

She never felt good enough. He never knew that. But she never realized how much she meant to him....
"You really... Think it's my fault?" He huffed, "well she said it was YOUR fault she broke up with me. Just don't ruin my relationship again." That was a slap to the face to her, "I can't believe you... I've always defended you! And I've never tried to ruin your relationship! I've always been supportive and... and..." She started to cry again, angrily, "I wouldn't do that!" She mumbled explanations of everything that happened, and he sat there, shocked at what she told him. "I'm sorry... I didn't know..." was all he could say. "Well... If you think I'm that much of a nuisance to you, maybe I should just leave you alone." "...What?" "I think. That maybe. We should stop talking. Forever." He started panicking, "No! I believe you! No!" "Remember that promise we made about not forgetting each other?" "Yes, I'll never break that promise." "Well I want you to for get it." "What?" "Just forget about me." "I don't want to!" "Forget how we met, for get how I look, forget my voice, my name, the late night phone calls, FORGET EVERYTHING ABOUT ME." "No..." "Forget everything we've been through, block me on facebook, delete my email," "No!" "Delete my number just forget me!" "NO!!!! I WON'T FUCKING DO WHAT YOU SAY!" She heard then that he was crying, and she was shocked, "what did you say?" He was crying hysterically now, "I won't. Do. What. You. Fucking. Say... You mean everything to me... I don't ever want to let you go... I will never let you go" "..." More crying. From both sides. "Hey... Hey, I'm still here..." she cooed, trying to calm him down, "shhhhh..." "What ever happened to never letting go?" "I..." she stopped thinking on what to say, "I love you..." "We will never let go." "Never?" "Never." "...Never."

What did they have? Phone calls? Texts? Emails? Memories? But they loved each other all the same. More than most people can even find. It all started with a Hello. Now it's I will never let you go. They met, maybe by chance, maybe by accident, and fell in love. Love stronger than what one can see or touch because they had 1,500 miles keeping them apart. One day maybe they'll get a chance again to be together and maybe they can show the world that true love is felt by the heart: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt by the heart.

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milky galgo says:
28 Jul, 2013 09:52 AM

wonderfull it

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anonymous says:
03 Aug, 2013 09:13 AM

i think the girls an idiot cause the guy really liked her and dhe kind of was playing with his feelings and that sucks nowadays its hard to find a guy whos loyale and really loves his girl

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Pearl says:
07 Dec, 2013 03:49 PM

I think it's a nice story. It also gives a little bit of hope for the future at the end so it doesn't seem so sad

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lucy says:
17 May, 2014 06:57 PM

this story made me cry..i remember my ex the guy says exact words as my ex ldr bf saying to me before when hes trying to let me go..the story also describes about how i felt before..the arguments and again the words of the girl and the it feels like its all coming back to me.we've been having ldr for 8 yrs finally last year he let go of me...he had a gf now and im still alone here missing him..

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