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13 Nov, 2014 01:42 AM

Well, let me start of with ages. I'm Brook and i'm 14 at this time, and Will was 18. Four years apart, not too bad.

We started talking in July of 2013. We met on a website called "omegle" basically, you connect with strangers who share common interests and hopefully build conversations. I still remember our very first conversation.
"M or F," -Will
"F, you?" - Me
"M." -Will
"Cool." -Me
Haha! Soo romantic. But, we weren't into relationships then and there seeing he was from North Carolina and I'm from Ohio. We basically started talking nonstop for months on end. He soon enough became my best-friend. We would come to one another and vent about anything really. He was a total sweetheart and i actually started to like him. There wasn't a day we didn't talk honestly.

We haven't heard each other's voice or actually skyped and i still was crazy for this boy. I remember skyping Will for the first time and my good friend Brennah was there. Well, it was interesting. Awkward as expected-- But, interesting! Around December 12th is when we ever so finally released our feelings for one another. We were on skype for a good 6 hours that night. We talked about everything- then, he asked me to be his girlfriend. So, i was finally the luckiest gal around that night.

Everything went fabulous all around. We'd photoshop one another's face on stuff. I'm fairly pale so, he put my head on Casper the Friendly Ghost. i remember -.- hehe.

We'd talk about plans for our future and everything. He told me he'd wait till the day i'd turn 18 and such.. if you get my flow. >u< LOL.

As said, everything was good but i was going on a family vacation to Florida-- Disney world to be exact. That doesn't mean i'm gonna stop talking to him, yeah? I mean, i loved this boy. woow- strong word.. But, sooner or later my Parent's found out. His unintelligent self told my parents he was a freshman in college. That did it. I was in a boat load of trouble..

I didn't give up though.

We didn't give up.

Right as i got home i got on my laptop and talked him through twitter tweets. Until i finally messaged him, i missed him soo much.

We couldn't talk on my phone, Ipad, or such but, i opened up an oovoo account on my laptop to talk to him. Just incase my mom found out, he changed his name to "Jimmy" and sometimes "Austin". We talked there and when my laptop got taken away, because she found out.. i used my sisters phone.

I was so determined to talk to him. I'm not sure his whole view on it but, he didn't leave.. just yet.

Around the end of July and beginning of February, we finally decided it'd be best for both of us if we just called off the relationship. I've honestly never cried so much in my life. I mean, i'm in tears right now writing it.

I didn't stop talking to him, I'd talk to him every so often.. Not sure if my company is wanted i rarely messaged him.. Too terrified to bother him honestly. Last time i've talked to him was on his birthday. July 20th.

I've honestly not felt the same about another boy since him. I've dated another boy but, I wasn't into it the whole way and i didn't want to be in a relationship like that so, i had to call it off.

Our tragic love story wasn't so tragic, just a terrible ending.
I LOVED the time Will and I had together. If i could have another chance with Will, i'm not sure what i'd do honestly. I'd like another one but, i don't want to put him through hell with Distance. Neither of us liked long distance relationships but, He was an exception..

Will was a huge sweetheart. a Justin Timberlake, Car loving, Pillow cuddling, Humorous, sweetheart..
Although non of my friends but one, and my parent's were against it, i didn't care i would've done anything for that boy and i still would. He was once my bestfriend, i wouldn't disown him or anything. I'm still will drop everything to talk to Will.

i miss him bunches but, i'll never be able to tell him that.

No love is "everlasting" in my opinion. Nothing's forever. No matter how bad you want it to be, things stop and things fade. You just have to be committed enough to want to continue the love you have with another person and repair the flaws and fix them for the future.

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Alexa says:
20 Nov, 2014 02:54 AM

This was supposed to be sad but really it was kinda overwhelming

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Cho' says:
21 Nov, 2014 07:44 PM

Well, i feel this was sad with a break through! i dig it.

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Anthony says:
25 Nov, 2014 06:10 AM

I had the same kind of relationship. I know the feels. Im sorry it ended like that.

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justice says:
26 Nov, 2014 10:45 PM

my story was kinda similar to yours im 14 to

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Amos says:
01 Dec, 2014 08:57 PM

this stories are really touching.Actually av undergone tha same experiences too n a now feeling encouraged that am not tha only one experiensing this problems

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Mar says:
01 Dec, 2014 10:53 PM

I haven't really had that happen to me but I understand your pain ... Do you really think he loved you back, if he could just drop you so easily, or maybe it is hurting him just as much as it is hurting you? If you really loved him maybe you should wait till your 18 or 19 and try to find him again to connect as friends and see if anything happends. But what if he has already moved on and found someone else then you should do the same, find someone who loves you for you and you love them no matter what people say .. Because love is love and love is a beautiful thing ...

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ada, says:
18 Apr, 2015 06:17 AM

So sad story :(

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azhiez says:
29 Apr, 2015 08:27 PM

this story almost same with my friend story

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Miles away from yaa says:
24 Feb, 2016 08:54 AM

I too have the same kind of relationship. Just the same..... I met him on instagram.... He was everything a girl could dream of.... But mentally I have never been more hurt.... Sometimes he becomes such a playboy...You know flirting with girls, talking to I font know how many girls..... The tears are incontrollable..... The worst part is that we are from enemy countries.... I guess you don't need to guess where I am from anymore.... it must be pretty evident...... I just hope everything gets well soon......

And yeah.... u r right...... NOTHING lasts forever.... we both wont too......

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