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Name: Victory is for loosers
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About Me: 17, Bad memory and love of poems and Music! \m/ SOUNDWAVE!!!! I am tending to be randomly depressed, occasionaly I'll have some moment when my depression inspires me to write something, my submissions will be random and untimely generaly...
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I'm not having a go or anything, In fact I can sympathise, but people need to learn to express how they feel or nothing works...
If you begin to get over them send this, all i would want in my life is for a love that strong but i belive i have let it escape me so if you do, send it.
Brilliant and inspirational but nevertheless very sad.
Dear troll.... Your wrong... Sinceerly </3 My way of dealing withh it is to just stay friends, i love one of my friends deeply and she i, we both have patners and constanly have people trying to get us to hook up. It most likely will never happen but the great thing about it is not that we do physical stuff (we don't and have no reason to) however we connect deeply on an emotional level and coming from a guy thats something...
Quote: Can't you see lies and pains behind...
They say a smile can hide a million tears... A fake one can hide more =(