Mind Games

Victory is for loosers

24 May, 2012 08:54 AM
I say as i lay down and rest my bones
Again please wait my final groans
Let me be from now till then
To just see her face, once again

But as i lie and fall to sleep
I feel my heart skip a beat
And i feel the time is now
For me to make my final bow
Adieu, Good bye, To all farewell
I stand as i hear, touch, taste, smell

The end is growing, my time is near
Then suddenly i see you, my dear
I feel my heart begin to race
No longer at a steady pace
You rush to my aid as i lay back
I feel it now my last attack

I see you flying through the air
And yelling at me, no despair
And as i take my final breath
I'm lifted from this hallow death
And "Clear" they yell as i awake

It seems that i control my fate
And i arise i stand up tall
But still need the support of the wall
And standing there with these men
I see that all my life from now till then
That i have seen another side
One that always seems to hide
Escapes the minds of many men
And then it seems to return again
And there you are standing still
But i realize you are nill
A mind conceived. simple complex
A thing for me An evil hex
As i stand tall and true
I simply say from me to you
I see that you conceived by me
Are just a figment, Not reality
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