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That girl

i. liranzo

11 Nov, 2012 08:26 AM
Those silent nights
Full of tearful star
Shining so bright
Filling so many lonely moment

That beautiful moon
That filled that void
While she sat alone in her room
Seen her cry so many bloody tears

Those dark woods
So mass
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Tags: Night, Girl, Pain, Moon, Sadness, Memories, Lost, Life, Alone, Tears
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Drew Robinson

31 May, 2011 04:39 PM
the moon waxing crescent when I first meet you
Small and wonderful but just the start of it all

as you grow further as did that which is all true
your beauty shine brighter and your light wont fall

You shine brightest now everything around you seems small
light shining out making me feel save and in love

You start to fade your beauty shrinking from my wall
I start to worry and get scared, but all i do is shove
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Tags: Moon, Love, Missing Luna
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