That girl

i. liranzo

11 Nov, 2012 08:26 AM
Those silent nights
Full of tearful star
Shining so bright
Filling so many lonely moment

That beautiful moon
That filled that void
While she sat alone in her room
Seen her cry so many bloody tears

Those dark woods
So mass
Help hid her unhealed wounds
That bleed every single day

That girl siting so silent
Holding her tears until the night
And it becoming harder to fight it 
Is crumpling from the inside out

You keep asking what happen
what have cause this
Is the effect of your actions
You're the cause of her pain

Those silent night 
That she look upon
Just to cry
Just for companion

That moon that knows the truth
Because she knew it wouldn't judge
Knows everything she had to loss
Because she gave herself believing in your love

That wood that she run to hid
From all her pain and suffering
Seen her every night die
More and more each time

Those stars that been her only companion
That gave her some comfort
Seen her till the end
When she couldn't anymore and died

Next time you ask what was the cause
Try to ask the night with the stars and moon
For sadly they seen the lost
Bust most likely won't answer you back
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