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A Beautiful Woman

jerry harrenstein

08 Jan, 2015 07:38 PM
I love a beautiful woman
and she wears her socks 
right from out of a box.
Her eyebrows are gone 
and her face is drawn.
She would like to dance
with me all night long even 
into the early morning's dawn
and if she could 
she surely would.

Her heart is scarred, torn,
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Tags: Love, Dream
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Sadness and Sorrow / How could ?

Hamzaa Chaba

09 Feb, 2013 08:10 PM
How could silence, be louder than my scream
How could shadows, be darker than my dream
How could I feel, the guilt and the shame
Sadness and sorrow, but no one to blame
How could I live, with no fate or name
How could my life, be an endless game
How could I hate, what I've became
Sadness and sorrow, It's all the same
How could I cry, a thousand day
How could my life, throw me away
How could I forget, How could I deny
Sadness and sorrow, are not just a lie
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Tags: Sadness, Loneliness, Life, Silence, Darkness, Dream, Scream, Shadow, Tears, Fears
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Jen Eclipse

11 Nov, 2012 11:43 PM
Pain - distress or suffering; hurt

We all experience it.
Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.
But what do we do with this pain?

Do we go and cry to our loved ones?
Do we openly show it?
Do we hide it from everyone including ourselves?
Do we hide it, but let the guilt 
eat us on the inside?
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Tags: Pain, Hurt, Choices, Life, Hope, Sad, Dream
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Journey to the End Within Me


20 Apr, 2012 02:30 PM
I dream of a night when I am alone.
A dream so wonderful I wish it would never end.
The dream is hallow and cold, but I feel no fear.

I feel no sorrow, I see no light nor hear a sound.
When my eyes are open it's as if they were closed.
My dreams are comfortable, even with its dreary appearance.

When I dream, I dream of bliss.
No where to run, No where to hide, 
No one to chase, No one to find.
For I am not lost or blind,
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Tags: Sorrow, Dream, Sad, Alone
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The Dreaded Dream


20 Feb, 2012 09:44 AM
People die,
Children cry
The world erupts in screams.

The river runs dry
The crows always lie
The sun takes back it’s beams.

She alone stands tall,
Though mistaken for a fool
And the world does nought but scream.
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Tags: Dread, Dream, Screams, Cry
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A Dream Of You


29 Sep, 2011 08:55 AM
last night
i slept with
doubt and nervousness
inside of me...

i didn't wish
my dream to be is you...
but you always keep running in my mind...

i didn't pray
for you to be whom I'd be dreaming of...
though it was like a dream come true...
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Tags: Dream, Love
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A Love That Didn't Last

Paulamy Ganguly

12 Aug, 2011 09:59 AM
The sun is hidden behind the clouds so grey.
In the empty road does the silence lay.
While everyone stays still,
The passion grows on.
Soft brown hair I long to touch,
Light pink lips I ache to kiss,
Strong lean arms I yearn to be held in,
Golden heart I want to be loved in. 
Mystical creature, 
far too beautiful to be human, 
far too real to be a myth.
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Tags: Love, Cute, Dream
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