A Love That Didn't Last

Paulamy Ganguly

12 Aug, 2011 09:59 AM
The sun is hidden behind the clouds so grey.
In the empty road does the silence lay.
While everyone stays still,
The passion grows on.
Soft brown hair I long to touch,
Light pink lips I ache to kiss,
Strong lean arms I yearn to be held in,
Golden heart I want to be loved in. 
Mystical creature, 
far too beautiful to be human, 
far too real to be a myth.

Know not your name or where you are from.
Know not where your heart lays.	
All I know is that ever since I?ve seen you,
I?ve lost my sense of righteousness.
Forgotten about my love back home.
Don?t expect you to like me back.
But hope to remember these 2 days for all eternity.
Tags: Love, Cute, Dream
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