Jen Eclipse

11 Nov, 2012 11:43 PM
Pain - distress or suffering; hurt

We all experience it.
Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.
But what do we do with this pain?

Do we go and cry to our loved ones?
Do we openly show it?
Do we hide it from everyone including ourselves?
Do we hide it, but let the guilt 
eat us on the inside?

According to Dean Winchester, 
a character on the show Supernatural, 
“You shove it down and you let it come out 
in spurts of violence and alcoholism.”

I don’t mean that we should all do this, 
especially if we are under-aged.
My point is that people handle pain 
differently from other people.

But pain has many shapes and forms.
You have pain from injury. 
Like when your bone fractures or you twist your ankle.

Heart Break. 
You feel you heart. 
It shrinks, it shrivels, it shatters into a million pieces. 
But in reality, your heart is as good as ever.

Insult to injury.
The old saying, Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me! Is false.
Words do hurt.
Every mean thing you hear; You’re fat or  I wish you would die is like a sharp spear piercing you.

But the most painful thing for humans is losing a loved one.

You spend all your time with them.
You comfort them.
They tell you they’ll be fine.
And then they lay there.

You sob and you cry and you go to their funeral.
But does the pain ever go away?
You live with it everyday.
You tell people you are fine, when you are not.
You try and keep them alive everyday.
But you can’t.

You realize that they won’t be there to hug you.
They won’t be there to congratulate you.
They won’t be there to talk to you.
They won’t be there.
What happens when you realize these things?

So, what do you do with your pain?
Live with it?
Deal with it?
Confront it?

I say that you should take your pain and turn it into a lesson.
Turn that sorrow from your break up and learn that you can be independent.
Learn that even though you broke your wrist, it will heal and be stronger than ever.
Tell people about how you feel instead of hiding it.
Turn to your family when you lose someone.
Show them that you feel sad.
Because without emotions, without feelings, without hope, what are we?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
So, all I have left to say is believe in the power of hope.

Hope is what will keep you fighting through all this pain.
Hope will get you through the good and the bad.
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