A Beautiful Woman

jerry harrenstein

08 Jan, 2015 07:38 PM
I love a beautiful woman
and she wears her socks 
right from out of a box.
Her eyebrows are gone 
and her face is drawn.
She would like to dance
with me all night long even 
into the early morning's dawn
and if she could 
she surely would.

Her heart is scarred, torn,
slowly on the mend,yet she
remains strong and will to
the end.

My beautiful woman has a 
powerful desire to belong.
She definitely wants to be loved
and her hunger to be happy and 
carefree will set her free.
You just wait and see!

Her balance is a little off
and she can be somewhat cross
when she wants me to lay off.
Now that I think about it she
is graceful in her own way, 
but it depends on the time of day.

Far be it for me to correct this,
but her words, expressions and 
laughter are infectious.
They leave me stumped, speechless,
defenseless, yet I continue to and 
always will revel in this.

My woman's eyes are blue and cloudy;
however, they still manage to sparkle
before they collapse from the bright  
light of day.
With skin that is snowy white, pink lips,
silky smooth like a flower's petal,so
fragrant and sweet, that when we do kiss
it is always quite the treat.

In addition to being sweet, loyal and 
dutiful she worships her children, God,
and the little creatures here on Earth.
Including her cat! 
Though in her playfulness I think she 
would like to throw her cat to the dogs,
or take it out back and feed it to the hogs.

My beautiful woman's touch is never enough
and when I hold her tight she warms my heart
throughout the night.
In turn when she holds me all of my pressures
seem to drift away and this is how I would
like things to stay.

Who is this woman whom tugs at my heartstrings everyday?
She is the beautiful woman I love every single day!
She excites me and delights me more than any woman 
ever has to this very day.
I salute this woman!
My Amazing Beautiful Woman.
Tags: Love, Dream
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Katrina says:
31 May, 2015 10:27 PM

Wow that's so sweet. You deserve someone that makes you happy good sir. ????

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jerry harrenstein says:
07 Jun, 2015 07:29 PM

Thank you so very much Katrina! I am happy K, just need the real love of a good truthful woman! Take care! Jerry.

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