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We all have a story...
How goes the battle, Sarah?
Very nice to hear from you Sarah, very nice indeed. You will know when it is your time to write Sarah. Still waiting for approval on "Sassy." Sarah, Sassy inspired me to Draw again and several of my drawings are on the dark site and the love site. I await to hear if "Alice" makes it. She is sadder than my drawing of Sassy, sad, so sad. Take care Sarah!
Hey Sarah! No word on Sassy yet, but C'est La Vie Ma Ch'erie was approved on the dark site. She is so pretty. It's a shame she had to die. Have a peaceful and prosperous year Sarah! Let me know what your writing, Jerry
Very nice Sarah! We're likeminded Sarah, which sets well with me. I finished writing Sassy and it has intensity of purpose. It is my finest! I cried as I wrote it! I hope it will move you. I hope it gets approved! Merry Christmas Sarah. God speed Sarah!