Sadness and Sorrow / How could ?

Hamzaa Chaba

09 Feb, 2013 08:10 PM
How could silence, be louder than my scream
How could shadows, be darker than my dream
How could I feel, the guilt and the shame
Sadness and sorrow, but no one to blame
How could I live, with no fate or name
How could my life, be an endless game
How could I hate, what I've became
Sadness and sorrow, It's all the same
How could I cry, a thousand day
How could my life, throw me away
How could I forget, How could I deny
Sadness and sorrow, are not just a lie
How could I be, in home and homeless
How could the light, turn into darkness
How could I suffer, from eternal loneliness
Sadness and sorrow, my life is a mess
How could I drown, in my own tears
How could I fall, in the easiest stairs
how could the nois, surround my ears
Sadness and sorrow, are some of my fears
How could I believe, what I've not seen
How could I feel, this lonely again
How could I live, under the rain
Sadness and sorrow, total pain
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