Journey to the End Within Me


20 Apr, 2012 02:30 PM
I dream of a night when I am alone.
A dream so wonderful I wish it would never end.
The dream is hallow and cold, but I feel no fear.

I feel no sorrow, I see no light nor hear a sound.
When my eyes are open it's as if they were closed.
My dreams are comfortable, even with its dreary appearance.

When I dream, I dream of bliss.
No where to run, No where to hide, 
No one to chase, No one to find.
For I am not lost or blind, 
Because in my mind, I am all there is.

In my mind I am with bliss 
and not a soul can touch me.
That is until I wake from my world 
and in to this one.
But only this one becomes my nightmare.
Tags: Sorrow, Dream, Sad, Alone
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