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i swear its from cascada? i donno! but thanks anyway i love this song!
it is a sad story! i met someone in chat too and my family found out! they took my phone away and i could not go to the computer! i couldn't talk to him for three months. my sister use to hit me, swear, and lough at me and my love. she thought its all a game. and now all i had to do is gain my family's trust which i did. but now what i only can do is to chat to him only once a week. no more calls. i cant hear his voice again. :( i can
It was just too sad! I dont know what to say really! its me crying out loud and whispering about how sad life can be sometimes. I have heard a quote saying 'always tell them that you love them before its too late' I believe on this quote because it gets too late too soon! Thanks