Life HUH!!!!!!!

M F Ali

01 Nov, 2012 06:06 AM
Thou life brought me out
Thou shall be taken out
Time spent in between is 
what life means all about..

Shine thou life as Diamond
Worry not the toughness
Life thee a trouble to be learnt
Till breath thou last...
Cry u accompanied with 

Silence thee u carry out with
Nothing more remains than yourself
With Promises broken
With love betrayed
With Cunning care
and Brushing smiles

Life is what u made than what u faced.. 
Father's strict Mother's care  
But parents love never can betray
Friends so made
Thou to be fade
Only some remain to the grade...
Trust thou none
More than thee

Bcoz betray is game played with
which tore me more than beneath
Life is a source of try
Thou life means just a mixture of happy and cry
Life means life all the while......!!!!
Tags: Life, Sad, Betray, Love, Friends
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