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Life HUH!!!!!!!

M F Ali

01 Nov, 2012 06:06 AM
Thou life brought me out
Thou shall be taken out
Time spent in between is 
what life means all about..

Shine thou life as Diamond
Worry not the toughness
Life thee a trouble to be learnt
Till breath thou last...
Cry u accompanied with 

Silence thee u carry out with
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Tags: Life, Sad, Betray, Love, Friends
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confession of a sick person


07 Apr, 2012 03:38 PM
Sorry I am for being stupid
For not checking my dance move 
I just danced to the music

That time I felt like a winner 
and its bad now I'm quitting before losing
Here I am crying back at you seeking for forgiveness and your loving too

I'm a loser now I don't hide it
I played with your heart and now I regret it
Rumor has it to never give up on what you need
And your love I'm out to get it
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Tags: Sorry, Hurt, Regret, Betray, Sad
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My Last Love


25 Jan, 2012 07:17 AM
Her hair of black and eyes of brown,
so very sweet and pretty she was.
From another country way on down,
fascinated by what she says and does.
Years went by and we fell in love
perhaps it was due to circumstance.
We seemed to fit together like a glove
but knew we were taking a chance.
She opened up to me of long pain
cause she felt comfortable you see.
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Tags: Hurt, Lies, Heartbroken, Sad, Betray, Sadness
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26 Sep, 2012 11:00 PM
I thought I loved him
I should have listened to them
you were my heart
till you tore it apart

I saw you as someone special
but I was wrong you used me 
It felt like you abused me 
I feel dead ....

With a big black hole in my heart, were your name lied
I look at your picture and I feel depressed
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Tags: Unloved, Sad, Heartbroken, Revenge, Betray
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