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Our little raven

A Mother of Raven

12 Jul, 2017 05:02 PM
You never got to truly know me
We wasted time on useless fights
It was about who is stronger 
It was about who is right 

And now we're left with bleeding hearts
There is no winning, only loss
No one is right, no one is stronger 
And all our happiness is lost

We fought because we love each other 
We drove ourselves into the dark
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Tags: Love, Separated, Mistakes, Misunderstood, Hope, Heartache, Child, Loneliness, Darkness, Fight, Relationship
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Daniel Bogogolela

23 Feb, 2016 08:25 AM
Lately, I find myself surrounded by women
who care more about me than you do.
They give a damn about things that 
you aren’t  giving too much thought to;
my future and well-being.

I’ve been begging  you for a very long time
to stop being too much of a housewife
that other women not get to see you
with me in public.

Right now, I feel like we paying our helper
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Tags: Future, Care, Public, Crease
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You see me now.

kalie belle

30 Jun, 2012 01:16 AM
You see me now,
but I was never there.
It happened so fast.
But now I'm everywhere,

I'm the rain,
I'm the wind,
I'm the light that shines down on you,
I'm the rain that runs down you race,

I'm the shoulder you can cry on.
Even if you can't see me I will always be there..
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Tags: Death, Friend, Life, Past, Future, Sadness
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Sighs Of The Wanderer

Silent Traveler

04 Apr, 2011 07:58 PM
Show me the way where the sun never burns
Show me the way where the sky is the earth
Show me the place where the stars shine forever
Show me the time when my heart turns to gold...

Show me the valley where rainbows live and play 
Show me the mountains where angels used to pray 
Show me the altar of my life's blissful moments 
Show me the arms of my first smile...

Show me the heart where hope never withers
Show me the soul where prayers are the rain
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Tags: Sadness, Hopelessness, Depression, Future, Past
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