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Our little raven

A Mother of Raven

12 Jul, 2017 05:02 PM
You never got to truly know me
We wasted time on useless fights
It was about who is stronger 
It was about who is right 

And now we're left with bleeding hearts
There is no winning, only loss
No one is right, no one is stronger 
And all our happiness is lost

We fought because we love each other 
We drove ourselves into the dark
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Tags: Love, Separated, Mistakes, Misunderstood, Hope, Heartache, Child, Loneliness, Darkness, Fight, Relationship
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We're miles apart but I wish

Kanashimi Raven

16 Feb, 2015 11:05 PM
We're miles away but
 I wish you were here
To see the stars and the sky
And feel the wind play with your hair
and have a firefly land on your hand

We're miles away and countries apart
and yet I wish to touch you here
and see your smiling face again
I wish to smell your sweet perfume
and steal your shirts to wear
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Tags: Away, Apart, Missing, Dead, Separated
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27 Oct, 2014 03:23 AM
Is it so hard to decipher the poorly encrypted code placed on my face?
"I'm tired" "I'm just tired" "I'm fine, I'm just fucking tired"

Is this so believable that you're left with nothing to inquire? 
Or is there something less forming, some lack of desire? 
The thoughts in my head are swarming, that no one is caring.

I always get left behind, there's just me being lonely and alone.
"It's OK, I'm really fine. It's just hard to sleep when I'm at home."
Just a second glance, it's all that I ask.

I'm at the brink of tears, I need some help before my skin tears.
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Tags: Tired, Alone, Anger, Apart, Pain, Broken, Betrayal, Cry, Cut, Cold, Death, Depression
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Never should have loved you


09 Mar, 2014 08:36 PM
I gave myself to you
All that I am and was
And you pretended to care
How could I not see the signs
Of your too soon betrayal

I was blind to your real self
As though I was something to use
To pass time by
But that's not how I felt
You didn't care while I did
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Tags: Separated, Broken
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If Today I Die My Love

Jason Falsis

28 Sep, 2012 01:54 PM
If today I die my love
Don’t plant tears on my grave
Be strong and be brave
And set me free as a dove.

The things I love, keep them free
As roses on summer breathe
And posies on winter wreathe
Like the deepest part of me.

Don’t write poems or songs for me,
Memories always unfold
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Tags: Pain, Death, Sad, Misery, Missing, Memories, Love, Separated
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The Switch


14 Feb, 2012 07:31 PM
As she sat upon her bed in tears 
She wondered if everything that
was once a dream became her fears

the one she loved who stole her heart
the one she thought they would never be part
at first he came with flowers and joy 
he loved her he admired her he seemed so coy

as the tears trickled down her face 
she gazed upon the distance with disgrace 
the one she loved cursed her and put her down
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Tags: Sad, Heartbroken, Drugs, Breakup, Hurt, Alone, Depressed, Separated, Sadness
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My Angel


14 Jan, 2012 10:19 PM
Come back to me my guardian angel
I need you in my arms. 
I need you here with me 
So I can get through the day.
Despite the past, I am yours,
Just come back to me angel. 
Without you I'm sitting here restless, 
Forcing myself to do things just to forget. 
Pushed over the edge I fell into darkness,

But I came back for you.
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Tags: Separated, Unloved, Waiting, Sad
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