My Angel


14 Jan, 2012 10:19 PM
Come back to me my guardian angel
I need you in my arms. 
I need you here with me 
So I can get through the day.
Despite the past, I am yours,
Just come back to me angel. 
Without you I'm sitting here restless, 
Forcing myself to do things just to forget. 
Pushed over the edge I fell into darkness,

But I came back for you. 
You are my light at the end of the tunnel. 
You are the moon brightening my nights. 
I hold you close to my heart,
No matter how far away. 
You are my angel, my muse, 
And that will never change. 

I love you as I forever have. 
I owe you my life in was that cannot be explained. 
On the edge again ready to die, you pulled me back. 
So my dear, let me back in. 
Into the spaces of your heart 
that were once mine, but taken by the high.
So my love, let me show you once again,
How I made you smile. 
Come back to me my angel,
The one who has helped me through
All he days I have been broken
Screaming silently in my hell. 

Come back again and be here with me,
So that these dreams may come true. 
When you come back...
I'll be waiting here for you.
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hamza says:
13 Oct, 2012 11:09 AM

that's great

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