Never should have loved you


09 Mar, 2014 08:36 PM
I gave myself to you
All that I am and was
And you pretended to care
How could I not see the signs
Of your too soon betrayal

I was blind to your real self
As though I was something to use
To pass time by
But that's not how I felt
You didn't care while I did

I would've died for you
Killed for you
But you would never do the same
All you saw was something to play with
As though my emotions were a game

And you had the controls
I should have remained in the shadows
For the shadows are where I remain safe
I never should have listened to you
I never should have cared

Never should have told you
That I loved you
For you threw it all away
And fell off the grid
Your gone and I will know pain

The likes of which I've never felt before
Do you think of me
Do you dream of me
No, you never did
Though you said you have

It was all a lie
To you I was a game
And once you were done
You left without a word in the wind
You left me with eternal scars

Pain everlasting
Never ending
You made me this way
Are you happy now
Now that I am broken like you were
I hate you and I don't love you anymore
Tags: Separated, Broken
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