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Missing You So Much

Jade Kaiser

27 Jul, 2017 05:48 AM
I can still sense the aroma of your hair
And your skin that so soft;
Your touch,
And your hugs that once gave me comfort
Now it gives me pain and ache.

Every time,
I remember every moment of it
Every moment,
I'm with you is one of the happiest.
Oh! How I love to be with you
At least once more...
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Tags: Mom, Missing Someone, Missing You, Anguish, Sorrow, Pain, Heartache
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Our little raven

A Mother of Raven

12 Jul, 2017 05:02 PM
You never got to truly know me
We wasted time on useless fights
It was about who is stronger 
It was about who is right 

And now we're left with bleeding hearts
There is no winning, only loss
No one is right, no one is stronger 
And all our happiness is lost

We fought because we love each other 
We drove ourselves into the dark
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Tags: Love, Separated, Mistakes, Misunderstood, Hope, Heartache, Child, Loneliness, Darkness, Fight, Relationship
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If fate were kinder


25 Aug, 2015 10:24 PM
This is a poem i wrote for the man I met and loved. We had the perfect chemistry yet the sad fact is that he is already married. Both of us just wished upon the stars that in our new life, fate would be kinder to us.

If fate were kinder,
By now, we would be holding hands;
In each other's arms;
staring on both eyes,
Locking lips,
And laughing to the contentment of our hearts.

If fate were kinder,
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Tags: Love, Heartache, One-sided, Unloved, Missing
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Garden Grave.

Pride Ed

08 Jan, 2015 09:27 PM
Floral limbs paint pictures in these woods,
Overlooking the garden where evening now hangs it's hood.
Dwelling among the stones where we used to sit,
Longing and loving, I shall not forget!
And I'll always remember where your impure heart may lie.
Where the loveliest did bloom, and where the blooms did die!

We took this path once when it was green and blue.
We counted the flowers and beheld this picturesque view.
We also walked around my favorite tree, so tall and so old.
It still flourishes over the weeds, truth be told!
And I'll still remember where your impure heart my lie.
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Tags: Sadness, Pain, Heartache, Loss, Nature, Dying, Death
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Hey! Are You In Love?


29 Jan, 2013 01:49 AM
Oh i just adore you
Yes it's really true
I hope I do not bore you
I bet you hope so too do not like me 
I guess that was easy to see
The way you try to avoid me
I just couldn't let you be

The cute little way you smile
The sad little way you frown
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Tags: Love, Heartache, Sadness
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Akash Gogoi

16 Jan, 2013 05:35 AM
The most fatal mistake I ever made
Was to put my trust in you.
Keeping aside the pain you gave me 
I tried to run away.
All these lies you made up
They all seemed so real.

My wounded heart ached
It seemed hard to stay alive.
I let these delusions 
Control my mind.
I looked into the mirror,
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Tags: Mistake, Misery, Heartache, Sad, Broken, Pain
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When Love Dies

Jason Falsis

28 Sep, 2012 01:51 PM
Thy death, Oh! Love
Is more than a horrible death
An unbearable pain
A knife to the soul.

A misery with no joy 
A disdain with no hope 
A mere feeling of sadness
A mere feeling of loneliness

A nightmare with open eyes
That sweet dream couldn't pass
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Tags: Pain, Love, Hurt, Disdain, Heartache, Sad, Cut
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Heart Like a Flower


23 Aug, 2010 12:06 AM
The tears are falling down- drip, drip, drip.
You really sent my heart on a trip.
My fist pounds against the wall- thud, thud, thud.
Did you know my heart was as fragile as a rose bud?
Apparently not, because you tore it apart,
You gave me quite a jolt, you gave me quite a start.
You made me feel things I?ve never felt before,
Every minute with you was anything but a bore.
Now that it?s over and the laughter is gone,
My sobs grow softer with the coming dawn.
Although my sniffles subside, the pain certainly does not.
My heart, once ripe and in bloom, is wilting- 
beginning to rot.
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Tags: Heartache, Pain
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