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Garden Grave.

Pride Ed

08 Jan, 2015 09:27 PM
Floral limbs paint pictures in these woods,
Overlooking the garden where evening now hangs it's hood.
Dwelling among the stones where we used to sit,
Longing and loving, I shall not forget!
And I'll always remember where your impure heart may lie.
Where the loveliest did bloom, and where the blooms did die!

We took this path once when it was green and blue.
We counted the flowers and beheld this picturesque view.
We also walked around my favorite tree, so tall and so old.
It still flourishes over the weeds, truth be told!
And I'll still remember where your impure heart my lie.
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Tags: Sadness, Pain, Heartache, Loss, Nature, Dying, Death
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Love birds


19 Oct, 2012 10:40 PM
can we walk away from this,
just me and you,
is it to hard to be true?


through the valleys,
pass the meadows,
holding hands, wind through our hair,
blowing dandelions..

sunlight in you face,
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Tags: Nature, Sad, Daydreams, Crush, Unloved
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