Daniel Bogogolela

23 Feb, 2016 08:25 AM
Lately, I find myself surrounded by women
who care more about me than you do.
They give a damn about things that 
you aren’t  giving too much thought to;
my future and well-being.

I’ve been begging  you for a very long time
to stop being too much of a housewife
that other women not get to see you
with me in public.

Right now, I feel like we paying our helper
to do absolutely nothing.
He uses machines to clean up our house,
and things that I think we might do 
doing laundry,
preparing breakfast & dinner,
sending kids to school ourselves.

And if you were always listening to me,
you wouldn’t be complaining about me
spending too time at work or attending
business and other related events.

And when you’re angry you now tell me
that you never needed me in your life.
You seem to have forgot how hard 
it was for us to built our family in
the first place.

You also seem to forget that you’re
the only woman I need in my life.

Because if you weren’t; 
I wouldn’t have bothered marrying you.
wouldn’t have bothered giving you 
access to my family’s last name.

We used to be a toast of this town,
now I see people scowling at me
like I’m an abusive husband.
When I’m with you doing shopping
you’re throwing tantrums.

And the last time I went shopping 
with you,
you got so angry with me for smiling
with a saleslady that the store’s
manager threatened to call the 
cops on me.

Every time I’m about to enter our
company’s boardroom,
I make sure I look neat because
any crease on my shirt may reduce
my chances of finally being the
CEO of your dreams.

And what you say and my love,
from this day forward will determine
whether I win or fail.
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