Don't give up


04 Nov, 2012 11:06 AM
Sometimes troubling get us down
And leave us feeling bad 
Sometimes life -brings tragedies
That make us feel so sad 

It's hard to face the world again
When all your hope is gone 
But I know that you will find 
The strength to carry on

Don't give up or turn away 
When things are going to wrong 
I know that you will survive 
For you are brave and strong

Don't give up when times are hard 
Cause you can make it trough
You can win against the adds

I believe you
Sometimes life sends challenges 
We think we just can't meet 
Sometimes we face problems 
That we think we just can't beat 

It's easier to turn away 
But don't give up the fight 
I know that you have the strength
To make things 
Turn out right.
Tags: Sad, Life, Moving On, Pain
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