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Feeling of being trapped

Ludmila Anisimova

12 Apr, 2014 03:11 PM
I am trapped forever in this world of madness
Just can't overcome overwhielming sadness
The pain doesn't leave 
'Cause there's no way to escape

Am I going to lead such a life?
Am I going to take out a knife?
Is there out an open door?
Or a path of black roses to end it all?

I wanna be as free as the freedom itself,
I wanna present to the world my awesome self,
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Tags: Pain, Hope, Decision, Trapped
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Road I Chose


14 Mar, 2013 01:14 AM
There were two roads ahead of me long ago,
Labeled "Give" and "Take".
"Give" was drenched in shadows,
Yet someone said "Take" was fake,

So I chose "Give" to follow.
Since being fake would make me break,
I went down the path full of sorrow.
I thought I'd do it for my sake,

But it made my heart grow hollow.
People would take until I ached.
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Tags: Decision, Life, Lies, Love, Unloved, Sorrow, Sad
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