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Love or Friendship?


11 Sep, 2012 07:40 AM

Hi, I'm Tiffany and I'm 23. I'm living with my happy and warm family, until I could find a job. This is my love story... 6 years ago, when I was 17, I was a total nerd in school. Of course, as everybody knows, nerds and geeks wear nerd spectacles and dress like an EXTREME nerd, right? Well, I was like that. But I had the best friend in my life. Her name is Lily. She's sort of from the "Popular" group. Oh, you better believe it, my school has Geeks and Populars group. The "Queens and Kings" of school set a rule for Popular's not to hang out with Nerds. Lily didn't care about that, and that's what I love about her. One day, she came for a sleepover at my house and decided to have a makeover on me. The minute she said that, I looked down at... [Read More]

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I Followed My Dreams…

Aiden Riches

03 Sep, 2018 04:45 AM

My story is quite long and in depth. Wouldn’t want to make anyone bored but this is an 100% true story of what happened to me. It started as a little toddler: 3 years of age. I remember my first dream. It was a nightmare and scared the crap out of me! I was afraid of everything from that moment on. Until… I had another dream. This one I met a girl. This was my first lucid dream, with many more to come. (In case you don’t know what that is, it is a dream in which you have full control and can realise you are dreaming). I was hiding from everything because I was scared, but then she saw me she introduced herself and told me that it was just a dream. I looked up and she took my hand and showed me how to lucid dream. She weirdly... [Read More]

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The Friend Whom You Trusted


23 Feb, 2013 03:51 AM

It all started on Tuesday, February 19. I was going home on the trolley with my friend, Linh. We were talking about anything we could think of. But then, we got on the topic of her best friend. She told me that her best friend was the only person she truly trusted. He was everything to Linh. He was always there for Linh and he was the one who would do anything for her. But something collapsed in Linh's eyes. "He wants to suicide." Those words struck me and tears came into my eyes. "Why?" I asked as I stared at Linh, worried what she would say. "He's being cyber bullied...because he is gay." Linh said looking down at her phone. I stared at Linh and got angry. I don't see why people are so judgmental. Why cant they just accept people as they are? Why cant they shut up... [Read More]

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Best Friends Forever

Life Pops

31 Jul, 2011 05:20 AM

My story is base from my own experience and is a true to life. It all started when I was on 6th grade. I was the Table Tennis captain and was considered the best athlete in school. At the Intramural Sports Fest, my cousin went to watch my game, and he introduced me to Maureen, his classmate. I knew her ever since we were young, but I never talked to her since we have different peers and that she's a year older than me. When the match was over and my opponent won, Maureen comforted me as my cousin laughed at me. She asked me if I would want to watch her game that will start in about ten minutes, and since I was lost and not in the mood to go somewhere alone, I said yes. The tennis court was filled with people, my cousin went to buy some... [Read More]

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Lost my Best Friend


21 Feb, 2013 11:53 PM

22/02/12 was the worst day of my life I had ever had, my mum woke me up in the morning to go for the usual walk we would at 5:30am every morning but she had this sad look on her face and look really worried when she looked at me. I thought I'd done something wrong and asked her what was wrong and she took me out to the back room so I was away from my sister who was still asleep in bed as mum didn't want her to wake up just yet. She sat down with me and said that she had some very unfortunate news to tell me, so I automatically thought one of my grandparents had pasted away or something but she said that Kev had had a heart attack and died at 4:30 that morning and I swear I could have killed myself right then... [Read More]

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Another Story to Read

Miss C.

05 Jan, 2013 06:34 AM

It has been a while since I last thought of the first love I've ever had. But here I go again, regressing to a period in my life that I should just get over and accept! For some reason though, I can't. Not fully anyway. My thoughts wander back to him, just as a child wanders away from its parents and into a candy store. However, I want to tell my story. So here it goes! My first love (for reference sake let's call him MAN.I know, I have no creativity.) caught my eye sophomore year in high school. He was immensely tall- 6foot 1'- had lovely hazel eyes, and cute shaggy brown hair. Little did he know that I planned to win his affection and become his girlfriend. It was my hero's quest, and I was determined to fulfill my destiny! I had never wanted a boyfriend before. I... [Read More]

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A Bundle Of Lies.


03 Aug, 2012 10:19 AM

I was 15, just starting my Sophomore year at a brand new school, didn't know anyone. I walked up and sat on the steps waiting for the bell to ring, I was looking around hoping someone would come talk to me. I looked to my right and nothing, then I looked to my left and I noticed you. Your bright blue eyes, you skinny jeans, the way your hair blew in the wind, I instantly wanted to talk to you , but I was so nervous! The bell rang for everyone to go to homeroom, I sat behind two gorgeous girls named Dayana and Ashton, they became my first friend. When I got to my other classes I made two other friends Sarah and Dyna, I told then who I had a crush on , and might I say, it was a bad idea. Dyna wouldn't leave him alone about... [Read More]

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Leukemia ruins Lives


15 Nov, 2012 01:28 AM

So this is my story it is 100% true and I hope you guys read it through. Sorry if it is a little long! So January of 2011 I was in 8th grade and I wanted to get on the soccer team in high school so I started playing club soccer so I could get on the team in high school. Soon I was on Laguna Nigel soccer club at the time I never would have guess what this team would do to me and how it would change me live forever. So the first few months were good I got to know the girls and I thought they were all really nice and really good at soccer, we did ok in the first season I think we got 2nd in it. So I started to become best friends with all of the girls they became like my second family... [Read More]

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Lucky me


03 Nov, 2012 08:00 PM

My Best friend has always been there for me, she has always accepted for who I am. Even when she had her first boyfriend she never stopped talking to me until she got her second one. I have always envied her she is beautiful long straight hair, slim, smart, confident see's the good in people. She has a good family who love her and spoil her. And even her friends as well. I never have, I am the completely opposite of her. I'm negative my family hates each other I am in my room doing homework and they are always yelling at each other. My sister bullies me and used to hit me and always brought my self esteem down. I got to the point where I would cut myself and cry almost every nigh. I would try and talk to my mom but she never listens. I even told... [Read More]

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05 Dec, 2012 03:27 AM

Nothing is worse than the loss of a friend. David was a sweeter boy than anyone would ever understand. From my light of my first love to the depths of heart break he was there for me, lifting me up and keeping me in check. His friendship lifted me when the depths of sadness chilled my heart, weighing it down in the most painful ways. I loved David with a love unconventional. I was 15 when I understood it and he was already in college. I didn't lust for him; I loved him more deeply than I ever will a significant other, but for different reasons. I loved David for his beautiful smile, his laughter. I loved when he lifted me onto his shoulders at fireworks and took me to the beach in the hot summers. I loved that he held me when I cried and laughed with me when... [Read More]

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