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A Few Hours Too Late


10 Jul, 2013 02:54 AM

I've always had a good life. My parents are together, I have a big family and lots of friends, and I never had a rainy day. The worst that happened to me was when we had to move for my dad's job. We moved practically every two years. My friends weren't close enough to me for me to miss them terribly until i started high school. My first class was full of people i knew. There were also many i didn't know. By the end of the semester most everyone in that class was on my good side. It was one of those days when the class goes to the computer lab to work and you're able to choose where you sit. There was one guy i didn't know. We'll call him Sam. I decided to sit with him. People say eyes are the windows to the soul. The first... [Read More]

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How I lost my best friend


15 Jul, 2015 08:10 PM

Okay, so I had a best friend, like we all do, right? The one that you think will never leave you, will always be there when you need them, be like your rock, right? Well, this is what mine and Lucy's friendship was like. She was my world, my sister, my rock. Until I lost her last year.. We were friends all our lives, from the age of six months, when we met in hospital. I had complications with my birth and she had lung problems. I was bullied majorly in primary school and secondary school, up to this day still. And so was she, but she was bulled for something that she couldn't change, it wasn't her two mothers faults for being lesbian, was it? They were the best mothers I had ever met! Last year, on January the 13th, was the most horrible day of my entire life.... [Read More]

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First Love... Devastating Outcome.

Anonymous Thoughts.

31 Jan, 2013 12:15 AM

Picture this.. Two young kids in elementary school, one boy and one girl. Both age of 7, after knowing each other for 6 years. They've made it to middle school in the grade of 8th. They finally seem to tell each other their feelings for each other and it's official that they are a couple. They say, "A relationship is a friendship set on fire." That was Charlie and Sammie. He was most definitely everything to her. They started out so amazing, but there is always someone who tries there very best to ruin the relationship. To give this meaning a twist this person who ruins their relationship was in fact Sammie's very own BEST friend Holly. Scandalous, right?! To resume back to the story, Holly is the conflict. The months went by and the relationship was going great, considering it's their friendship Sammie & Charlie put on the line.... [Read More]

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My Gaurdian

Alex Martinez

17 Dec, 2012 03:27 AM

I met Alex when I was five. He was four years older than me. We were such good friends, time I got, I would be with him. He was someone that I loved more than a brother if it were possible. He was my Guardian until the end. He lived in Mexico. Now I'm thirteen, and still remember him. It was only a year ago though, and I won't ever forgive myself for doing what I did to him. In the plaza where he lived were these really bad guys who screwed over any girl they could fool. One day me and Alex were just walking around when we ran into them, they have always messed with me because they thought I was a "jewel to win" because I was from the U.S and I looked different and I spoke differently. So they came over to me and just started... [Read More]

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car accident


27 Aug, 2011 12:38 AM

One day there was a girl named Abigail,she's already 16 and his best friend named Josh who's 17.They're best friends since they're just 11,they are always together,and they love each other so much.One day when they were in school the principal was running towards the classroom where Abigail and Josh were to be found,when she arrived she called Abigail,the principal was very nervous and was shaking,when Abigail came she looked curiously to her principal and asked " Good morning Mrs. Jane (the name of the principal)is there something wrong? " the principal looked down and said " I don't know how to say this Abigail,but we know that we cant stay forever in this world,and we need to leave our love ones and go to our place there above" Abigail looked at the principal,she smiled and said " Yes i know that Mrs Jane,but why are you saying this to... [Read More]

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False Friendship


15 Feb, 2015 11:29 AM

Before i submit this I would like you to know this is my first time doing something like this and what I am about to write may seem pathetic but oh well. We had been friends for a long time, 9 years if I remember correctly. We first met at a party my cousin had invited me to, I was standing awkwardly in the corner being the only stranger at this party and he came over and started talking to me. We got on well, we were both into pretty much the same things, similar movies, video games, comic books, fascination for weapons, cosplay, all that nerdy stuff. We exchanged numbers and decided to hang out later. At this point in time we were both still in our third year at high school so we had our own friends but hung out as often as we could. When high school... [Read More]

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Best friend break up

maya briant

02 Oct, 2016 06:37 AM

Before I start I just want to say this is 100% true story abou how I lost my best friend. Summer 2015 was by far the best summer of my life. I was sitting in my room on FaceTime with my friend when I got a follow notification on twitter. A girl named Meghan had followed me, she knew of me but I never heard her name before. The next day I was laying in bed and got a call from my friend asking me to come over, I said yes and there I met Meghan who just followed me on together he night before. That night would change my life forever. I thought Meghan was weird at first how she was so quite around all of us but never would talk or engage in the stupid shit we would do being only 14 and 15. But as the days... [Read More]

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my bestfriend's ex


26 Sep, 2011 07:29 AM

I was a smart boy when I was young. I was thin back then. When I was in pre-school, I was the smartest one in the room. So after sometime I was called a "nerd". They teased continuously until the 2nd grade. But during the 3rd grade, I met a friend named Justine. He wasn't exactly a good influence cause he taught me how to goof around and how to be cool, but still he was a good friend. We grew up as bestfriends. Then one day, he told me he had a crush on somebody named "claire". So he asked my help to get this girl. We tried giving her letters and other things until she finally got to notice my friend. Actually, we became sort of close, the three of us. And without noticing it, I also fell in love with her. Every day we played together and... [Read More]

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11 May, 2017 08:25 AM

I remember the very reason I started to talk to you. It was to get this guy mad and angry with me in high school. We were in grade 10 and you just transfered to our school 2 months back. I remember the way you were awkward about me starting a conversation with you just out of the blue. I remember nether of us knew just how much that first conversation will truly impact both of our futures. I remember a month after we started to talk me and my girlfriend at that time broke up and I turned to you to talk to about it. Admittedly I had a crush on you for a little while. You were just a mystery to me. You showed alot of emotion yet kept something locked away that I wanted to explore. I didn't take any steps to you till grade 11 because... [Read More]

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It hurts...

Peacegirl :)

25 Sep, 2012 04:12 PM

This year of school brought me something, that I'll never forget...a wonder full feeling that I want to hold in for ever. A boy came to our school, in the same type of class as me, but in the different grade. I'm in the 10th grade, and he's in the 9th grade. I fell in love with him, when we first talked, and the whole thing was so magical. I was blind of happiness when he gave me a hug, or when he kissed me on the cheek, or anything that he did and was sweet. I never felt something so strong like this, even I had some boyfriends before, the feeling was never this strong, and the whole world went in a pink bubble, and I just went crazy every time he went to me, or talked to me. Of course outside I looked cool, but inside I shouted... [Read More]

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