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One picture can mean way too much.


30 Nov, 2014 02:29 AM

A few years ago, I was in a different school. It was picture day. I was going to the place where group pictures were taken, with my four best friends. For this story, their names will be V, M, P, E, and I will be S. Me and V had been besties for a while, and then M, P and E had kind of teamed up with us- it was us vs the world. We hung out together almost every day. Especially me and V. So, after waiting for our turn for the picture, we went to the chair in front of the camera. But half way there, V stopped us. She said: 'Um.. I don't really want S to be in the picture.' I was shocked. We were best friends. I was sure the others wouldn't agree with it. But I was wrong. First E said. 'yeah...' I was... [Read More]

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My best friend ignores me

Johan Pisang

31 Dec, 2012 11:19 AM

Hi, all of you! I am a sensitive guy, living in Stockholm. I joined here because I want to talk about something that is too embarrassing to talk about with any of my friends. I am so sad! The Christmas was past and I hadn't hear anything from my best friend for weeks. Not a sms, not an e-mail and not a message at Facebook. She didn't even called me to thank for the Christmas gift I sent to her, but she has taken her time to both write and call others. I know that because they told me. It was so embarrassing. The following nights I cried rivers of tears when I realized that my beloved little friend ignores me again, after all I have done for her. This is not the first time she act like this. I often use to be the last thing in her priorities,... [Read More]

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(STORY) - A Letter To My Best Friend (Part 2)


08 Sep, 2011 02:13 PM

Dear Best Friend. I wish you could hear my voice one last time so that you would no longer have to worry. I wish I could make you smile one last time so you would know that you deserve to be happy. I wish that I could make you laugh one last time so that you would cry tears of happiness rather than tears of sadness. I am in the clouds. I am far from you but near your heart. When you find the truth, please do not worry. I am in a better place, but no matter where I am there is no better place than the place by your side. I also miss you. I hope you are feeling that I don't want you to be worried about me anymore. Your love one is right, when we meet again, we will talk as if it hasn't been so... [Read More]

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