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13 Aug, 2015 11:36 PM

A TRUE STORY OF MY BEST FRIEND... When I think about love, the first think comes to my mind is GOD. GOD loves us some much, his creation is so perfect, so that we can do any work by ourselves. Till now, we reached from the bed of Oceans to the end of our solar system in space to learn and gain more and more knowledge. GOD is so powerful, without almighty we can’t lead our daily life, we all see GOD everyday but we never realize that anytime, this world is a gift of GOD, to share with each one of us. So ultimately, all religions in this world are meant to lover each other but that seems to be not happening. We, humans are so abhor to each other, they can’t understand the meaning of life and the words of religions. Even sometime GOD seems to be blind.... [Read More]

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Last Love


22 Jun, 2014 04:20 AM

There I was standing there in front of my love, my world, the light on the street lamb shinning up on us, making everything else dark. Her hair slowly moving because of the chilled wind, I looked into her eyes and saw someone new. Hearing the words “it’s over” from her lips broke me inside, a tear rolled down her face, reminding me of all the memories we had together. I turned cold, I couldn't feel that warmth within me, everything was dark, the outside, the inside, I had let the darkness completely consume me, she took my cold hand in her hand on last time, held it tight one last time, looked me the eyes, gave me one last kiss on the cheek and turned around. It had started to rain, as if earth itself was crying, pouring down on me, the rain hid my tears, as she walked... [Read More]

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Numb, Alive, and Falling


22 Mar, 2013 02:44 AM

When I was little, my mother told me that I was the happiest little girl in the world. Wrong. It was all wrong. I was always alone in this world. Never once have I've told to be myself. Sit up straight, be polite, talk to others when spoken to, don't stay up late, and what not. Rules, rules, rules, it's all I've ever known. Years pass by, and so many times we moved from state to state, house to house, and school to school. I was broken, shattered so many times that I'll never be that little girl again. All of a sudden I'm in high school. The years always dragged, but I find myself as a freshmen too soon. Seven years have passed since I realized that no one really cared for me. Seven years I was alone, pretending to be happy, pretending to be someone's friend. I've been... [Read More]

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The Friend Whom You Trusted


23 Feb, 2013 03:51 AM

It all started on Tuesday, February 19. I was going home on the trolley with my friend, Linh. We were talking about anything we could think of. But then, we got on the topic of her best friend. She told me that her best friend was the only person she truly trusted. He was everything to Linh. He was always there for Linh and he was the one who would do anything for her. But something collapsed in Linh's eyes. "He wants to suicide." Those words struck me and tears came into my eyes. "Why?" I asked as I stared at Linh, worried what she would say. "He's being cyber bullied...because he is gay." Linh said looking down at her phone. I stared at Linh and got angry. I don't see why people are so judgmental. Why cant they just accept people as they are? Why cant they shut up... [Read More]

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Letter to You


29 Jan, 2013 05:12 AM

Dear You, Stay, stay, please do. Don't leave me! Don't leave by your own hand. Please don't! That's the worst way to go, going because of you. I just found you, it hasn't even been a month, and you're leaving. Just... Like... That.... You brought me so many smiles, so many tears, so many moments that will only be remembered in memories. I don't care if you think you're ugly, you think you're weird, society's monster, all that bull. I don't care. To me, you're beautiful, completely amazing, the perfect friend. You were my everything. Were....Don't leave! Please, stay. Stay for just a minute, two minutes, forever. Fate is in your hands, don't do it. Please don't! .... Time was so short, so short, too short. I made the most out of our moments, every second. Every word you said, I held on, like a desperate child clinging to mother's... [Read More]

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My Gaurdian

Alex Martinez

17 Dec, 2012 03:27 AM

I met Alex when I was five. He was four years older than me. We were such good friends, time I got, I would be with him. He was someone that I loved more than a brother if it were possible. He was my Guardian until the end. He lived in Mexico. Now I'm thirteen, and still remember him. It was only a year ago though, and I won't ever forgive myself for doing what I did to him. In the plaza where he lived were these really bad guys who screwed over any girl they could fool. One day me and Alex were just walking around when we ran into them, they have always messed with me because they thought I was a "jewel to win" because I was from the U.S and I looked different and I spoke differently. So they came over to me and just started... [Read More]

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his last text message part 1


04 Oct, 2010 12:28 AM

he's gone. his eyes, his touch, his kiss, his scent, his voice, his life, and his love, it's gone. everything's gone. all the time we spent together, every moment of my life i was with him will no longer be continued. Scott, he honestly wasn't the only happiness in my life. He truthfully wasn't the only thing I had and he wasn't the only source of love for me. but now he's gone. his life taken by a bullet of nobody's. I hated the world. I hated life and everything I saw with my eyes. I regretted so much. I coudln't forgive myself for being so dumb, being so naive and so numb to the world around me that prevented me from understanding the true love of his. 3 years and 25 days ago, the end of my long relationship was announced by my boyfriend's death. His way of saying... [Read More]

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06 Mar, 2010 12:47 AM

I wonder at times what is love? There is more than showing expressions and feelings to who you love. Today is going to be the worst day of my life, telling him that today was my last day and it was my first and last dance with Matt. He came to my house and pick me up. It was quite the whole ride, I wonder why isn't he talking to me, is he mad at me? did I do something wrong? "So are you nervous about the dance?" I asked clueless. "A little" he said confident. Later in the night a my favorite song came. "Wanna dance?" matt asked nervously. "Sure" As we danced I felt that the hardest moment to tell him that I'll be gone tonight is right now. But I don't want to tell him later it feels as if it is too late. "umm, I think... [Read More]

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